The Greater Escape

They had planned it perfectly. There were so many fall back plans that if one thing went wrong or one fall back was compromised, they had 3 or 4 more ready to save them. They were still in the hotel getting ready when the cleaning service arrived. The group froze as the maid knocked on the door, they were all geared up in rappelling gear, complete with helmets, shoulder and elbow and knee pads and lots of pockets containing who knows what sort of equipment. Trucker, the biggest of the five, slid over to the door and answered.

"Cleaning service is this a bad time?" the maid asked. Trucker hesitated as he looked around at the others.

"No, this is a fine time; we were just going out to do some adventuring." He replied. The maid waited patiently for them to exit and then went about their duties.

"Dennis," That was Bugger's cover name, "Make sure to check the room after we get back. I want to make sure we don't toss anything we needed." Phoenix suggested. That was code to check the room for bugs or other electronics that may be listening or watching.

"Ok, will do." Bugger/Dennis responded. They took the stairs and exited by a back way to their vehicles.

"Ok guys, here we go, Ninja's been waiting for us for a while now." Spocky said. They were on their way to a Litpol prison to break out one of their comrades that had gotten caught a while ago.

"So, what's he in for?" Digger asked. He needed to know so he could plan for their escape and entry.

"Let's see, reading to children, distributing books to the public, treason, assaulting a police officer, oh, there's 8 of those, attempted escape, harboring a fugitive, and the list goes on." Phoenix replied. She was riding shotgun on this one; Spocky was in the driver's seat. They made a right turn and found the prison right in front of them. Thankfully for them, there was a public parking lot just off to the side. They pulled in and all got out, except for Bugger who stayed behind.

"Ok, plugging in." He said. He was sitting in his custom van that had all kinds of computers, TVs and other technology pieces that added up to a homemade mobile hacking site.

"Get us in the gate." Spocky ordered. They approached the employee's entrance to the prison. It had a card reader that needed to be bypassed. Trucker walked up to it and plugged in his PDA that was hooked up to Bugger's van's hacking systems. In little less that 20 seconds, the door was opened for each of them and they proceeded down a darkened, metal gray hallway that led to the main control room.

They walked in and checked in with the system of the prison's for their employees. It only took mere moments as they had this part ready to go. Their cover was they were other Lit Police here to transfer Ninja to a different facility, something which happened each day to different people.

They wound their way through the facility, finally reaching the maximum security block. Two guards were near the doors, they were at ease for being at such a dangerous part of the prison. They halted the procession and questioned them for their information. Bugger was backing it up with computer files he had fabricated with the Canadian police's actual file maker.

"Your story checks out. Good luck getting to that man, he's dangerous eh Chuck?" One of the guards asked his friend who nodded.

"Thanks for the assistance; we'll keep it in mind." Digger said. They entered the white room filled with only a dozen cells. One of which held a man in a black body tight suit. He had short cropped hair as he had been in the military just before joining the Protagonists. He looked up as his cell was opened; longing for the outside was visible in his eyes.

"Who are you?" He asked.

"We're here to transport you to the USA. You've been deported and sentenced to a more... secure facility." Spocky replied. Ninja noticed the accent and immediately began smiling. The chained him up, but Trucker picked him up and caried him in a fireman's lift. They walked out of the max part and one of the guards stopped them and asked what happened.

"Oh, the guy tried to jump us. I had to put him out." Digger said. They proceeded out of the prison, amazingly without anyother questioning and went to their vehicles. Trucker let Ninja down carfully, but before he was done, Ninja was up and bouncing around.

"Oh how it feels to be free!" He exclaimed. He hopped in the van with Bugger in the driver's seat. Bugger exclaimed and hugged his lost comrade.

"Good to see you man!" Bugger said. Spocky hopped in and sat next to Bugger and had a devilish smile on his face.

"Ready for our exit?" He asked. Bugger sat there for a second and then smiled also.

"Let's do it," He said.

The two pulled up their hacking programs and hacked into the security and lighting programs of the prison. It was time to let the jailhouse rock. First, they hacked into the power systems and shut down all the lighting in the prison. The prison walls being white were then turned to dark and the prisoners' clothing being black, hid in the darkness. The prison was full of Litpolice suspects so no harm was done by letting them get out.

Next they hacked the security stations. They opened the doors and locked the weapons so that it would be a bloodless revolt. They got their man and were setting their peers free. A perfect coup de ta on their trip... for the moment.

As they sped away to their hotel, they heard plice sirens whining in the backround as reinforcements were called, but yet, the pens of their peers that were just freed are mightier than the swords of the Lit Police.

The End

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