Darkness Abounds

Asheyna looked at the figure sprawled out infront of her, spray cans rolling to a stop by her feet and, was that a ferret?!  Her mind began to race and it took all over 3 seconds to figure it out.

"That, the wall, it was you?"  Her eyes widened as she realized she'd gotten exactly what she wished for.  "That wall is the most inspiring thing I've seen in a long time!  I love how you capture the strength of her without going overboard on her masculine qualities.  And the colors...  

"What the frack?  You're a Protagonist too?"  Stopped in the middle of her exposition on the finer points of his graffitti she noticed a small pin with that distinctive "P".

"He's what?  What are you talking about Ash?"  Robyn was confused and annoyed, she hadn't decided which one yet.  This place was about to be ground zero of a litpol invasion and there was Asheyna rambling on like it was some kind of urban art expo.  A hint of sadness crept over as she recalled some of the brilliant shows she'd been to.  Ash used to drag them all over to go see some guy with a spray can, she'd never really gotten the point, until they started disappearing.  

"Excuse me lady, but you're the second person who's called me a Protag... something in the last 10 minutes.  I have no idea what you're talking about."

"The pin, on your leg.  We all have one," she pointed out a small pin on the corner of her jeans pocket.  

The ferret was climbing up the stranger's back with what almost seemed to be a running commentary given the his response to it.  When it finished he nodded once and turned to look at the women.

"Look, I'm not really sure what you guys all are, but so far, you're my kinda people.  You can count me in."

"Awesome!  You have to show me more of your work, I bet I've seen some of it around, tagging just fascinates me.  I suck at it, trust me, I got so much respect for you guys..."

"Asheyna are you kidding me?!  You're going to discuss art, here, with that wall calling every LitPol for miles?  Sweetie I luv ya but we have got to get going.

"Can you meet us at the train station?  We obviously can't keep up with you on that," she pointed to the board, "but we're heading west.  Get there, try not to get yourself arrested and hop on whatever train you see us board ok?  Then we can talk."  She took Asheyna by the arm and started pulling her again to the train station.

"What do you think Reeza?  Should we go?" he asked as he watched the women walk away.  The shorter blond one kept turning back to eye his mural.  "Yeah, yeah I know."


"Asheyna?!"  Robyn's frantic voice cut through her daydreams.  She got up and looked around for her friend, expecting to see LitPol everywhere.  There was nothing unusual, Robyn stood there, frozen in place infront of the vending machine.

"What's up?"  She queried, and  Robyn turned to face her.  Asheyna's already white skin turned almost translucent as she took in her friend's face.  More particularly her eyes.

A grey film covered both unfocused irises.  She waved her hand, nothing.

"Ash, I can't see anything she whispered.

Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap.  "It's gonna be ok, your eyes look fine, maybe it's just from a migraine or something.  Used to happen to me all the time.  Come on, let's go sit down, when we get on the train you can get some sleep, you'll wake up fine I'm sure."  She took Robyn's trembling arm and led her to the bench where she sat and gave her a one-armed hug.  "Train should be here any second."

How freaking predictable could they get?  I wonder how long it took some suits and a computer to come up with this one?  She mused, I should have seen this coming.  I'm the one with the science degree afterall.  Bio weapons, targeted to remove our ability to enjoy life.  Freaking sick jerks.  I hope Dark's perfected that code, I could use some insight into what exactly they've done here.  

She recalled peeking over Dark's shoulder as he worked on some code.  She'd asked him what it was for and he'd explained, a hint of excitment creeping into that thick British accent of his.  Maybe he'd find Robyn's name on one of those lists.  Maybe, maybe it would also list the cure.  

Of course it would.  It wouldn't be logical or reasonable not to.  For once she was overwhelmingly grateful for thier cold, analytical ways.

"Is that the train?"  Robyn's quiet voice shook her out of her ponderings.

"Yes it is, come on, let's go."  She took Robyn by the arm again and led her to the steps.  "Ok, just up two steps, yup that's it."

I wonder if that guy's gonna come.  I could use another set of hands right about now.


The End

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