Gonna go far.

Afro laid on the floor for a few moments, waiting for his heart to quit threatening to leap out of his chest. The cool hardwood floors helped make him feel better, then the sudden realization just kicked in. He had attacked a litpol with a can of spray and saved some bird with a book.

"Dammit, why did I let you talk me into this again?" Reeza began wriggling free of his pack to only nibble at his wrist. "That's right, I'm insane!" He realized he probably looked like a real mess to the girl he just saved, the traditional boring uniform pants, covered in various samples of spray, missing his long-sleeve he chose to wear when in public. Unfortunately the entire, "We frown upon creativity" never stopped his desire for tattoos, just made them more difficult to obtain. His hair wasn't tied back, resulting a very distinct afro. Usually ended up getting more attention from the Litpol then anyone else, not his fault he had thick hair. Finally the girl took a look at him, horror began to spread across her face, she began to push herself backwards as she stumbled to her feet.

"You're - you-re a protagonist!" Afro gave her a puzzled look, he just saved her, and she's calling him a what?

"Actually lady, it's just Afro, and you're welcome," He got to his feet and began to check himself over, all spray's intact. He lost his ration pack when he decided to attack the litpol, great move.

"No-no, I can't be here, they'll make things much worse for me. I -I gotta go!" With that the girl got to her feet and ran out the door onto the streets. Afro tried calling out to stop her, however at the idea he was this "Protagonist" She really didn't care to spend any time around him. Too bad, she was kinda cute too..

Gathering his pack, and his longboard, Afro turned towards the ferret curiously exploring the house, "Come on Reeza, we still got work to do, I heard there was a bank with a few spots just dying for us ." The ferret grabbed a small pin she found and returned to Afro's side, he scooped up both Ferret and pin. Placing her back into his pack, he examined the small object. It was a circlular pin, with a simple letter "P" emblazoned in the center. Thinking nothing more of it, Afro pinned it to his pants, taking a look outside, the coast appeared to be clear. Afro hopped on his board and began to make his way to his previous spray. He knew it was a stupid risk to take, but he couldn't leave Athena unfinished.

Appeared most of the Litpol had decided to find better venues to pester for now, Afro figured he had probably twenty minutes to work, if he was lucky. He crept past a telephone pole, stopping for a moment to see what little of a music advertisement that wasn't whitewashed. A young woman with an acoustic guitar, she was beautiful, he heard her songs a few times. What was her name? Sasha, Cassandra, bah! He mocked himself for forgetting her name, she was beautiful, her songs had this haunting melody to it. He used to hang out at her shows and listen, he had no connections to her, yet she could probably be the one force that made him paint. Then when the Musipols came, everyone scattered but her, as if she wasn't afraid. A week later, her face appeared on every wall in that district, it was his way of saying he wasn't going to let her be forgotten.He wasn't a hero, he heard rumors of more violent protests, he was just a guy and a ferret, and they had some art to create.

He finally was snapped back as Reeza had appeared from his pack and scampered up his shoulder. Her fine white fur began to bristle up, usually a sign of someone in the area. "Dammit, we're not leaving yet Reeza. We have work to do." The ferret quacked a response only Afro would ever understand. "Yea, well I talk to ferrets, did you honestly think I was very bright to begin with? I swear paint fumes are either making you super smart, or me without common sense. " He finally placed his longboard on the ground and pushed off, he knew what needed to be done, he would paint until he ran out of spray, then find more. He had created stashes all over the city, if one stash was found. He still had others he could use. 

He rounded the corner as he heard two women talk about something being so pretty, they sounded quite energetic. He grinned to himself, nice to hear those words about anything. Usually pretty was a word that aroused suspicion. He rounded the corner and made another sage realization, the voices were very close.He nearly slammed into the first girl and instead his board caught the edge of the sidewalk and resulted in Afro ending up on the ground. He noticed the two girls, both in government approved threats, redhead, braids, and pain,so much pain.

"Ow, hell," He looked up as Reeza tumbled by his side. Afro watched in slow horror as his spray cans had all fallen out of his pack along with the ferret. "If you ladies are gonna scream for the Litpol, I should get a ten second head start. Only fair!" He tried breaking out his best grin for the situation. This had every opportunity to suck, badly.


The End

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