Fade to Gray

The litpolice threw the book at her feet.It thumped in a pile on top of the others. They had torn up the floor boards and found her stash.  Robin gulped. No Bluejay gulped. It was all coming out now...There would be no hiding it now. Robin looked down at the board book. It was Eric Carle's " The Very Hungry Catepilliar" .To think she was going to be arrested for reading to the children.

 The scary thing was it took the parents five years to realize she had been reading to their children. People had complained about working too much and never having time for anything else. The trouble was they still were, there was a lot noise and no action.Babies were born and handed over to electronic nannies while mom and dad worked to keep the flawless image. Children were cute accessories that fit into small bags. Accessories that proved yes, you could do it all.  As a result the boob tube was the new wet nurse and Mom and dad spent time with their kids only when they were cute.

When the ADHD kicked in ( and it always did) the children were dumped here at " Happy Faces Daycare Center" . Where each child was guareenteed a full eight hours of " Baby Einstein" time. With no naps ofcourse so when the children got picked up around 6, they could fall asleep in the car and mom and dad would have a quiet night.

Bluejay  raised her head. She would have no shame. She new why it had to be done...She just hopped it wasn't fruitless. Blue looked at the anxious children's faces and the parents smug grins.

She smiled at the children and said " Always remember the catepillar becomes the butterfly...it just takes time"

That's when the litpolice hit her accross the face with a rolled upbook.Then he hit her in the back of the head. Buejay side stepped away and almost slipped onto the pile of children's books. Buejay couldn't bare the thought of squishing any of those books.

" That's enough out of you" The Litpol said as he dragged her from her chestnut wig. 

BlueJay pretended it hurt and started walking out. The children didn't need anymore shocks. As soon as she left the room the non-descript brown wig slipped to the floor exposing the wild firey red. Bluejay was the rebel. Robin wore the uniform so she could play the game and break the rules.

The litpol looked anonyed but all he did was move his hand to her "other" head of hair. He yanked her harder than nessary and yanked harder everytime she winced.  He didn't need to drag her she was willing to just walk out. But they were determined to degrade her further.

It all hit home when BlueJay saw the grey van. That's when you knew it was all over it always faded to gray. At least now there were varying shades and tones of gray. There were bluer grays and yellower grays and almost black grays. But now...now it would all fade into that industrial gray. Indusatrial Gray meant numbness and death .Bluejay wasn't sure which would be worse.

The End

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