They had been traveling for hours before they finally reached their first destination of rest: Detroit, Michigan. Being from Ohio they all had a friendly rivalry with the state up north but respected them all the same. Now, they depended on one of the most crime ridden cities to protect them. Sunlight was fading fast and they had no hope of crossing before night struck and curfew was enacted, so they parked their vehicles in a parking structure near the bridge between Canada and the US.

"Ok guys, here's the plan," Spocky said. He had time during the trip to make one, "During the early morn, we scoot across the border. Hopefully the guards will be too grogy to care about a few teens rushing the border in search of some fun. From there, we shoot for Toronto."

"Ok, how long will this take exactly?" Bugger asked. Trucker already knew.

" 'Bout 4 hours, give or take the traffic." He answered from memory.

"Exactly," Spocky said, "Guys, someone over there is counting on us to get there as fast as we can. So let's not let them down." The group broke after a quick prayer and bed down for the night.

- 0730hrs USA/Canada bridge crossing -

The group had switched to military time, easier, and had synched thier watches. The bridge, now open, was theirs to cross. They pulled up in their formation and split to different toll booths to cross. They stopped as the US border patrol stopped them to check their ID's.

"How are you today mam?" the trooper asked Phenoix. Spocky sat in the passenger's seat minding his own business.

"Quite well thanks." Phenoix answered cheerfully, "My buddies and I are going over to have a bit of fun for a day or two."

The trooper nodded, "We get that all the time. My suggestion is that you go to Toronto, they've got a lot of options there for entertainment."

"Thanks," Phenoix said. He handed back their ID's and cleared them. They drove on towards the Canadian side. A large American flag was draped over a wire that signified the US side, a large Maple Leaf covered the other side. They passed into the Canadian side without anyother incident and were officialy 'Escapees'.

"Welcome to Canada boys!" Trucker yelled over the radios they had, "Home of Bacon, snow, maple syrup and hockey!"

"Yeehaw! I wonder what those guys back home would think if they knew where we are?" Bugger asked.

Spocky laughed, "They can't think man! Remember?" They laughed as they continued along their trip.

- 1236hrs Outside Toronto, Canada -

The 'Great Escape' as they were calling it was complete. They had reached their target destination and were staying at a hotel in the city. Now it was time to poke around. Bugger, Phenoix, Trucker and Digger all took the beds, Spocky was stuck with one of the window beds. But it was near a plug that he could plug in his laptop so it was all good.

He logged on and immediatly went to one of his hacker programs, it was time to find other Protaganists.

"Ok, cover set, time delay is up... 4,3,2,1... I'm in." Spocky announced. He was surfing through the LitPol's records of the breakout Bugger had found. He found guard reports, police reports, a hospital report and numerous news stories.

"Dang, that's a lot of coverage for one Protag, huh?" Bugger commented. He was Spocky's trainee, he was being trained so that they could both hack into a system or systems at once creating a Blitz on a network.

"Yeah, seems like one guy busted out one guy. A clean solo op." Spocky responded. A small orange box popped up in the upper right hand corner of his corner. He was being watched.

"Popping flares and evading." Spocky said. He furiously typed a few commands into the security system. It took him as an employee and took off quickly.

"These things are so dumb!" Bugger said. He plopped down on one of the beds beside Spocky.

"Yeah, hey, I'm getting a report. Some group of four Protagonists have been sited roaming around. LitPol's out for their heads. That's where we start." Spocky announced, "But for now, get your bearings. Maps, anything that can help. And remember, we're tourists, not terrorists."

The hunt for more Protagonists was afoot!

The End

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