Don't Stop Believing

The group that was able to escape the clutches of the Antagonists were clustered around an oak table lit by a few candles, a silly touch that was added only because they found it to be a bit easier to relax.

"I'm telling you we can't stay here!" Trucker, their transportation go-to-guy exclaimed again. They had been arguing for hours as to what to do and where to go.

"Then where do we go?" Phenoix asked, deflecting the question. They had a large map of the United States, Hawaii and Alaska included, and had been drawing circles around possible locations and routes to get there.

"I say to the south. I have a few relatives in the boonies that could help us." Bugger, their information/communications guy stated. Spocky shook his head.

"Too many Military bases. We could have everyone from the 101st Airborne to possibly Army Rangers upon us in seconds." Spocky did have a lot of knowlege of history, present and past, but he could also work wonders with technology.

"Again, where do we go then?" Phenoix asked again. There was a silence until Digger, their escape/entrance guy spoke up.

"Out in the open. Sitting here will only make us go mad. We're people that can think. As far as I know, we haven't sunk down to the levels of stupidity that the Antagonists have." He threw out. There was another pause as the group contemplated this action.

"It's a shot, a long shot." Bugger commented.

Spocky stood up, "Well I'm in. I'm tired of sitting here on our butts while our peers are being persecuted. I'm through sitting around an being tormented 24/7 by what people think I am. Well I am now the guy of action. So anyone that's in, jump up. We're moving out."

There was another eerie silence that blanketed the room, Digger stood up and Spocky gave him a nod. Phenoix stood up slowly, next Bugger, finally, Trucker stood up, they were all in.

"Ok, here's the plan." Spocky said, leaning over the map, "We're in Ohio, so there's only a few bases around, mainly an Airforce Base to our East. We have Cleveland, Columbus, and Canton to our East. To our south we have Cinci and Dayton. North is Michigan and West is Indiana. Where do we go first?"

Bugger paused as he recieved information from his wireless reciever in his ear, "We're going North. A group of Protags just broke a dude out of a jail. And I'm getting increased reports of sightings up there from the Antags."

"Ok, all in favor of traveling to the Great North say aye." Spocky proposed. They all did, again, it was unanimous. "Pack it up! We're shipping out!"

Topside, they climbed into their vehicles, an SUV (Pheniox's), a van (Bugger's) and a large Ford F-150 09 (Trucker's). They all had their books and what not and were ready for the road. The man they had stayed with had given them some provisions and his blessing.

"Ok, everyone in and ready?" Trucker asked. He was in the lead with Digger as his co-pilot.

"This is Delta, we're good." Spocky reported. They had all picked names for their vehicles, theirs was Delta since Spocky was obsessed with Special Operations.

"Scarab is ready," Bugger announced. He rode with himself, but in the middle of the convoy.

"This is lead, we're rolling!" Trucker said. The three engines roared as they peeled out of the driveway and in towards the highway.

"Canada, here we come!" Phenoix called out as they drove north.

The End

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