Just a Jailbreak

“Out with it.”

The man shakes his head defiantly, lips tightly shut and eyes squinting in the light aimed at his face.

“It’s just one question,” the other man says slowly, annunciating each word with crisp clarity.

Still, he is answered with a head shake, a head toss that sends the man’s fauxhawk angling like a shark fin above him.

The interrogator sighs, and then snaps his fingers. Footfalls echo in the darkness, the man tied to the chair unable to see their source with the light focused incessantly in his eyes.

Moments later, a sharp object jabs into his back, sending his spine into an erect arc.

“Now talk, Jack.” The voice bears a trace of sick glee, almost as if it doesn’t want the man to talk, to gain his unspoken approval of the knife prodding the small of his back.

“Fine,” Jack mumbles, a mere murmur falling from his lips.

Another soft sigh floats from behind him, bemoaning the sudden cooperation of the prisoner.

“So, where are the Protagonists?”

“Currently we’re clustered about Canada, creating commotions and compiling compatriots to include in our cause,” Jack babbles.

And then silence, the litpol not knowing what to say.

“What?” Jack questions the questioner, happy with the sudden role reversal? “Was my explanation not exact enough to extract appropriate information for the extraction and eradication of the other Protagonizers?”

Again the silence seems a physical thing, a barrier between the two men. Even the knife-point seems to be gone, as if Jack’s back has been benumbed.

“I can’t elaborate further, though, as donning more details would desecrate and denounce the directives of…”

“Shut it, Jack,” a new voice answers. “You can stop alliterating now, we gotta go.”

The ropes holding him to the chair relax, and fall to the ground as he stands. His ascension finally frees his vision from the torment of the light; he blinks rapidly, unable to see anything.

"Thanks," Jack sighs, an echo of the LitPol officer who now lies on the ground, though still breathing. “I don’t think I could keep that up much longer, anyways. It’s not like I’m a human thesaurus… the only reason I was silent so long was to plan my pronunciations.”

“You’re doing it again.”

“Oh, sorry.”

The End

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