Grey is the New Pink!

Asheyna sighed.  Of course Gwen would want to rescue the others.  She couldn't blame her, and yet... it was not a good idea.  Sitting on the floor she took a deep breath as she watched the fiery little redhead peek through the open door and disappear.

Gwen you had better be there or I'm going to have to come after you.  She promised, a familiar feeling of goodbye squeezed her heart.  I miss the old days, she thought miserably.  When we were all together and everything was perfect.  Am I even allowed to say "perfect" anymore?

"Snap out of it!" Dark's rough voice broke through her mental wanderings.  He wasn't being mean, this was not the time to retreat into the past.  "You and Robyn have to get going before they decide to search these places one by one."

"Sorry, it's just, I'm so... it's hard," she finished lamely.  A traitorous tear escaped her eye and she brushed it away.  She was strong, and she could handle this.  Atleast that's what I keep telling myself.  She started toward the door when she heard Dark clearing his throat meaningfully.  Both him and Robyn were looking at her.

"What?"  She asked sounded far more cross than she meant to.

"Your clothes hun," Robyn reminded her.  "With that outfit, you wouldn't make it out of the neighborhood let alone half way across the country."

"Bah!  Stupid rules, stupid Them telling me how to freaking dress.  I've been dressing myself since before I started school and now it's rebellious.  I'll freaking show them rebellious..."  Her voice trailed off as she closed the door of the other room to put on her government approved clothes.

"You be careful going with her," Dark warned Robyn.  "Her temper's getting worse and she can't write."

"I know."  She pulled on her gloves and frowned.  "I can handle her mostly, atleast as well as anyone.  When she does finally freak out I doubt there's much any of us will be able to do."

"I HATE grey!"  It sounded as though the police were ransacking the room.  Asheyna's angry mutterings occasionally drifted to the two waiting in the next room.  Finally she appeared in the door way wearing dark jeans and a grey tshirt, her hair was pulled into a neat braid.

"Let's go Robyn.  Dark, dude be careful ok?"  She took a deep breath, goodbyes sucked.  Picking up her two most treasured possessions, her dagger and her pen she walked to the door.

"I'll be fine.  You girls will be too, you look normal, unless you do something stupid," he looked directly at Asheyna as she slid the dagger and pen into her boot, "unless you do anything stupid  there's no reason for them to give you a second look."  

"Yeah yeah yeah."  And with that she slipped out the door and onto the street.

Casually Robyn and Asheyna made their way through the streets towards the train.  It was one of the last moderately safe methods of transportation left.  As they approached the train station she saw it and froze.

The vivid colors startled her.  On the side of a wrecked building it was there, art.

"Robyn look!"  She hissed, mesmerized by the woman on the wall.

"I see it, and it's awesome but we have to go!"  She looked around nervously.  No way a piece like this and it was left unguarded.  Anyone seen appreciating it would be taken in for questioning immediately.

"Oh it was so pretty!" She gushed as Robyn pulled her along.  "There's more out there.  More than just us!"  The realization was incredible.  Maybe, just maybe they had a chance.

The End

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