KFP (Kentucky Fried Protagonist)

Spocky had to be quick. The group tailing him was a group of teens from his own school that had found out that he was a Protagonist and had tried to take him during the lunch hour. Fortunately, he was able to get away by using his chair as an impromptu slide. After that bit of heroics, he found himself weaving in and out of pedestrians that blocked his way from freedom, a large shopping mall.

Being a runner, his muscles were stretched, he had just came from gym class, so he had put quite a bit of distance between his pursuers and himself. But they had cars, and he didn't. But wether it be divine intervention or fate, every light he came to turned red just as the pursuers seemed to have victory.

He reached the other side of the street that he had been running parallel to and jumped the grass embankment that lowered to the parking lot below. He landed and rolled in order to transfer the shock away from himself and to his forward momentum. He raced up to the doors of the mall and slowed to a walk. As he looked behind him, he saw the gang just pulling into parking spots and getting out. He smiled and then disolved into the crowds of shoppers.

The Antagonist supporters raced to the door and looked inside for their prey, but he was nowhere to be found.

"You've got to be kidding me!" One of the pursuers exclaimed, "No way a guy with a red backpack is able to just... disappear!"

The leader of the group concentraited on the crowds infront of him, "We'll return to school and say that we lost him when he tried crossed multiple lanes of traffic. Let's go." Forlornly, they left without much grumbling. Spocky could only smile as he was within 10 meters of the group, sitting down at a food court table.

"Idiots, the entire lot." He laughed. He stood up and pulled out his cell phone, he dialed a friend's number that he knew he could trust.

"Spocky, what's up man?" The recipient asked. She was apparently in a busy place just like him.

"Hey, Phenoix, I'm burnt. They tried to burn me at school but I got away. I need to get back to the Club House. I got some cargo in tow." Spocky said quickly.

"No way. Hey, where are you? I'm at the mall, I'll meet you there if you can make it." Phenoix offered. Spocky looked around to get his barings, but he sighted her during his baring search.

"Hey, look at your 2 o'clock." He said. She looked around and saw him. He could tell that she was surprised. He didn't waste a moment and quickly raced over to her.

"Hey, ready to get out of here?" Phenoix asked. Spocky nodded, and they made their way to her car. Actually a SUV, but that's not important. They climbed in and Spocky was careful not to toss around his backpack. In it were books, pens, pencils, clipboards, paper, just about anything you could think of that could be used as in the writing/creative process.

"Glad you were able to get your package out." She said.

"Yeah, but those guys almost got me a few times. I think they know the color of my backpack." Spocky lamented. He had taken pride in the fact that no one had been able to tag the color of his backpack. It was the thing that set him apart from the others of the crowds.

"That's ok. You got away, just remember that." Phenoix said. Spocky looked up at her and saw an unmarked police car moving up to a position just behind them.

"Bogey at our 6." He announced. At the next stop, the two switched seats. Phenoix was a better careful driver, Spocky was a bit more... adventerous with driving.

"He's speeding up," Phenoix said, looking in the rear view mirror.

Spocky smiled, "Let him have our bumper!" He tossed the emergincy brake and the SUV stopped right infront of the police car. The car swerved out of the way and into a ditch, one down, but 3 more marked cars to go.

"Hello! 3 more bogies! 11 o'clock!" Phenoix called out. Spocky threw the SUV into reverse and did a quick 180, they weren't going down easily.

Spocky put the pedal to the floor as the SUV's powerful engine surged forward and surprised the police behind them. He quickly turned right toward another road that would lead them to the club house.

The police cars faithfully tailed their prey as he wove in and out of slower moving traffic. Those with a bit of sense got out of the way before he reached them, but most just sat there like a bunch of stone blocks.

"Get off the dang road!" Spocky shouted. One police car tried to pull ahead of them, but he cut him off by shunting him to the side and then into a group of water barrels meant to slow down any approaching driver that was about to hit a concrete barrier; Rule #1, never let another driver ahead of you in a chase, that means they have the advantage of being able to control the situation.

Spocky gunned the engine as they cleared the city's limits and entered a larger interstate highway. The police cars behind them just couldn't keep up and began to fall way behind. Now slowing down, he turned on a road that seemed to go nowhere in the country side. But the two of them knew it led to another road that took them to a forest where their club was hidden, their own Protagonist hideout.

Down the familiar road again, past a few farms and finally turning onto a barely visible road that wound its way through the forrest. They ended up at a log house that was large on the outside and inside. A man in a rocking chair stopped them as they jumped out, but he already recognized them.

"Phenoix, Spocky! What brings you here?" He asked. He was a kindly old man who had allowed them to stay with him and use his house as their base of operations.

"Unfortunately, the Antagonists. They forced us to run for good. Spocky did bring some goods though." Phenoix exclaimed. Spocky was back at the SUV looking over the damages. He moaned.

"They scratched the paint! Dang it!" He exclaimed. They were somewhere safe, for the moment.

The End

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