Enter the Ferret

Afro was busy at work, suspended alongside the roof of a burned out bookstore spraying a young woman onto the side of the building. He had always liked the stories of Athena, the goddess of wisdom. She was his favorite subject to spray onto buildings.  Her stories were in high demand lately, society was so close-minded with the new anti art-laws. Writers and artists were tantamount to being criminal; music was dead; things had gotten boring.He looked about; nobody saw him yet, thankfully. He was definitely attracting attention when he wasn't covered up: tattoos adorned most of his body. His brown hair lived up to the namesake, even the albino ferret that usually hung at his shoulder alerted people. He usually kept her hidden in his pack when he entered a high traffic area.

He wondered why he kept doing this, every time he tagged a building. It really put him closer into being seen. It was his way of spiting the system, and he hated being bored. He used to work as a computer technician until he found a book of art. It invoked something in him that he'd forgotten about. He wanted to make sure nobody else forgot.

"Almost done, Reeza, just be patient," he tapped the quacking ferret on his shoulder. She didn't do much more then scurry back to the pack dangling at his side. He heard a commotion below and a young woman ran by carrying what appeared to be a book in her arms.

Really now? There were several agents in tow as well, those lot were never much fun. Quickly leaving the small afro insignia in the corner of his work, he scurried back up to the roof. There, he grabbed his longboard and the few meager supplies he'd found.
"Come on Reeza, we better get outta here." The ferret seemed to glare at him, "Oh, her.." She nuzzled his neck before scurrying back into the pack. Grabbing the long-sleeve shirt off the ground, he stuffed that into the pack and ran down the stairs.

"I swear if I get arrested off this, I hope they shoot you first!" The instant he hit the concrete, his board was under his feet. He kept as low to the ground as possible, feeling the wind picking up as he went in the same direction as the girl.

"Come on, where are you?" He noticed the Litpol making a call, the girl shrinking against a wall. He knew this was a really bad idea, guns beat spray paint, but at the same time the girl needed help, and apparently he was the only one stupid enough to do this. Keeping low, he snuck up to the individual, a can of spray in his hand. The officer noticed him, well, the business end of the spray can at least. Holding down the nozzle till he was convinced the man was good and blind, he turned towards the girl.

"Run!!" As he ran, he could hear the man going on about a heavily tattooed guy with an afro. So that wasn't such a great idea after all. He needed to find shelter, fast! Looking about, he saw an older building; he'd crashed there in the past. He gestured towards the building and ran inside. The two collapsed inside the first room. Panting heavily, Afro laid back against the cool floor and pondered, what came over him? He wasn't a hero, he was just a guy who liked to paint. He just assaulted a Litpol and pretty much promised him and Reeza were going to end up as kindling.
"Just great, just slaggin' great..."

The End

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