Chapter Four - The System

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- This file is designed to give an introduction into the work of The System to new candidates. It seeks to outline the important aspects of our work in order to help the candidates understand and become ready to embark on the next part of their lives. -

The System began with the start of the humanity. It was created in order to observe the development of humans, to guide them and keep them from harm. Operators were trained and placed in different stations (see file 3) across the globe. Resources were given in case the need to intervene arose. In certain circumstances, for the good of the human race, becoming involved in their affairs has been vital. These cases are rare (see file 9) and only those with the right qualifications are permitted to handle them.

At first there were just a small number of operators. The work load was relatively small so easy to cover with very few workers. However, throughout the development of humanity The System has had to follow suit. With a drastic increase in population the original number of workmen and women was no longer enough. Vital situations were being missed leading to terrible results. Men that should not have risen to power were controlling entire nations and leaving death and destruction in their wake. These situations were being repeated throughout history and The System was forced to update in order to control them.

Records that were stored for reference became integral in the new recruitment programme. The lists of children were brought up. Each child that has ever been born is on these lists. Children have been monitored by The System throughout the early stages of their lives for as long as it has had the equipment to. Monitoring is an attempt to avoid possible domestic issues that could traumatise a child and lead them to act in inhuman ways when they reach adulthood. These reports became more important during the Victorian Era as it was then decided that these children would grow up to become operators.

A knew division was built in order to train recruitment officers who then went on to monitor the children. Each year children at three years old are reduced to a final ten candidates. The candidates are chosen by those who present outstanding intellect and talent. Recruitment officers are sent to observe these children throughout their lives in order to make sure they have the qualities needed in operators of The System.When the children reach eighteen years old they are brought in for training (see file 5).

The candidates are unaware of this programme until their eighteenth birthdays. They are expected to leave as soon as they are told. It is of course their choice. If they refuse then any memory of this is removed. If they agree then memories of their existence to friends and family are removed. Their disappearance cannot be investigated. It is this fact that often leaves candidates indecisive. If this is the case then it is up to the recruitment officer to explain the opportunities that lie ahead. END

Rose placed the file back down on her lap slowly. The shaking had spread to her entire body. She barely even noticed when Ezra slid off his jacket and placed it round her shoulders. They sat in silence for a few minutes while the contents of the file went round and round in her head. She had never been so confused in her life. What she had just read sounded like it was ripped out of a book. Some authors attempt at an award winning story. It was a joke. It must be. Something Beth made up for a birthday trick. It would explain Ezra after all. Beth knew Rose’s type in men like the back of her hand.

“Did Beth send you?” she asked.


“Did. Beth. Send. You?” she tried to sound angry but the shaking in her body just made her sound scared.

“No. No she didn’t. The System did,” Ezra put on his best comforting voice. “I’m your recruitment officer. I know the file doesn’t cover much. Most of the Controlling Operators seem to assume that people are just going to be willing to drop everything after a few sentences. Now I know you’re confused –“

“Confused?! Confused doesn’t even begin to cover it! This just doesn’t make sense,” she was verging on screeching. The most confusing thing Rose ever had to deal with was deciding what university she wanted to go to and even that wasn’t that hard. She’d had her heart set on York ever since she was twelve. “This has got to be some sort of joke.”

“It’s not a joke. I can promise you that. I’ve been recruiting for a few years now and I can assure you that your reaction is perfectly normal.”

“Recruiting? But what has that got to do with me?”

“Don’t you see Rose? You’re a candidate!” Ezra pulled Rose’s face towards him again and smiled. His smile was usually enough to calm the candidates down. “Just relax, okay? Breathe. I will explain everything.”

Rose’s breath slowed down and she managed to regain some composure. Her mind was still racing but at least she could appear strong. Something she felt was important though she wasn’t sure why. She wasn’t sure of anything at the moment. Her thoughts turned to Beth; she would be calling for her now. She could see the disappointment on Beth’s face as she realised Rose had already left. She wondered why she ever questioned going out tonight. At least that was something concrete. She might not be able to predict what would happen on a night out but at least she knew where she was going and who she was going with. She had no idea who Ezra was. She had no idea what this so called system was or what qualified her to be a candidate. She didn’t even know what she was a candidate for. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to know. But there was something nagging at her in the back of her mind. It was telling her not to run away but to listen to what Ezra had to say. It was only a small thought but it was enough to stop her from panicking completely.

“Well then. Explain.”  

The End

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