Chapter One - Rose

Rose gave her room a quick scan before deciding that she did in fact have everything she needed. Pulling her hair up into her trade mark pony tail she grabbed her bag and ran for the door. No time to check for any bumps or lone pieces of hair as the clock on her wall was telling her she was already ten minutes late. The horn of her mum’s car had been puncturing through the house for last five so she really couldn’t make her wait any longer.

“It’s about time! Come on! You know what happens when I’m late for work,” Rose’s mum moans at her when she slides in the door. Although they both know that nothing ever happens because her boss has a massive crush on her. Rose smiled at the unlikely thought of her mum ever actually getting in trouble for turning up a few minutes late. The smile soon turned into pity as anyone who had seen her parents together knew that they were hopelessly in love with each other, even after 25 years. It was hard to imagine a world in which they weren’t together. This idea produced a sharp pang in Rose’s heart and in an attempt to forget it she turned the radio up and dozed during the rest of the ride.

The familiar face of Rose’s best friend Beth comes into view as they pulled into the school gates. The corners of her mouth curled up at the memory of Beth coming to her rescue ten years ago. The jealousy of seven year old girls can cause a lot of trouble, but thankfully Beth was there to help Rose out. Even now at an entirely different school she refuses to let Rose walk through the ground on her own. Not because Rose can’t look after herself but because they became inseparable soon after the incident. Walking into school together became a tradition. Rose kissed her mum goodbye and made her way to greet her friend.

Falling into the easy routine Rose slid her arm through Beth’s as they walked into reception. The school sign was now crumbling down and half the letters were missing. It was supposed to be fixed during the summer holidays but there were clearly more important things to do. Like paint the library for the fourth time in the past year.

Squeezing through the sea of excited year sevens Rose dragged her best friend to form. She laughed at the joke that the 12 year olds were getting smaller and smaller every year. Either that or their rucksacks were increasing dramatically in size.

“I don’t remember ever carrying that much stuff around with me,” Beth joked. The thought of Beth carrying any school books around with her was enough to make Rose chuckle. Though they were best friends they had hardly anything in common. Rose got straight A’s while Beth was out partying and swapping boyfriends every week. It was an unlikely pairing but what’s that cliché? Opposites attract. In any case, Rose managed to keep Beth’s head half way in her education and Beth helped Rose to relax on certain occasions. One of these occasions was already on her mind and Rose was trying to find some sort of decent excuse to get out of it.

 “So what are you doing for your birthday?” Beth’s eager face beamed at Rose. Rose’s on the other hand had dread written all over it. She hadn’t even thought about it. Never being one for big birthday celebrations she preferred the quiet night in. A nice meal with her parent’s with some films with some decent eye candy to finish. The surprise party Beth threw for her last year was one of the only times she’s ever enjoyed going what Beth refers to as out out.

 “I don’t know really, maybe a dinner out or something.” she replied.

“Are you serious?” Beth raised her eye brows in mock horror as she turned to look at Rose, “It’s your 18th! You can’t possibly just want to sit in. You’re allowed to go out…legally!Please tell me this is some sort of joke!”

“Nope, no joke. I just thought it would be nice to have a meal with some of my closest friends and family. You know I’m not big on the whole clubbing scene.”

“I know but it’s your birthday! You have to make an exception! I was going to plan a party but that was so last year,” she put on a fake accent on the last word to highlight her joke. “And it’s tomorrow…which is a Wednesday…which means. STUDENT NIGHT! We have to go out. No excuses!”

Throwing her bag over her shoulder Beth got up to leave as the bell rung. Rose could hear the shout of “no excuses” as she receded down the hallway. A giggle escaped her lips. Beth has always been able to make her laugh when she really doesn’t want to. It’s what makes her so great. Who knows, she thought to herself, maybe I could do both, dinner with my Mum and Dad and then go out with Beth afterwards. She cursed Beth under her breath. She has actually made me consider it.

 “Err Rose, are you planning on going to lesson or were you just going to sit her for the whole hour?” Miss Penny’s voice brought Rose back to the present day.

“Right sorry Miss,” grabbing her bag she wondered to first period. 

The End

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