When a stranger turns up on Rose's door step on her 18th birthday and tells her she has to drop her entire life to complete some sort of important work she's a little more than confused. However her curiosity gets the better of her and takes her into a world stranger and more complex than she could have every imagined.

Every child that has ever been born is on a list. This list is separate from hospital records and birth certificates. The list spans centuries, going back to the beginning of the human race. It covers every country in the world, including those who don’t have the resources to record the births themselves. No one is missed out. It’s impossible. Every child that has ever been born has been monitored throughout the early stages of their lives.  Recruitment officers are deployed in every town in the world going completely unnoticed by the surrounding citizens. They sit in the shadows, silently observing the world around them. At the end of each day reports are sent back to the hub. Detailed files on every single child in the world so that by the age of three years old the candidates are clear.

Every year children that are observed as showing outstanding intellect and talent are narrowed down to a final ten. These are the candidates. Every important moment of their lives are recorded. School grades are taken down, relationship choices, hobbies; everything you could possibly deem vital in building up a profile of a person’s character is cumulated into the system. Recruitment officers are fundamental in this process as any information that is missed could reject the child from the system. Or worse, allow the child to continue to training when they are not up to it. This is a very rare occurrence, but there are devastating consequences in the systems records which should never be repeated.

The process of observing and recording requires complete dedication as it continues until each child reaches the age of eighteen. Of course not every child listed in the final ten make it to training. Some mix in with the wrong crowds, start taking drugs or wind up pregnant. These are all things that will never be acceptable in the system. In these cases a reserve list is referred to and someone is sent to gather any information that might have been missed. Although officers are also instructed to observe the reserves in the same way they would the candidates, they are often seen as the “doss” cases. Vital information is recorded but other character traits are often left out, which are just as important.

One they reach the age of eighteen the recruitment officers are sent to houses across the globe to explain to the candidates how their lives are about to change. They are given a range of evidence to use as it is unlikely that the candidates won’t need more convincing. Once all the information has been given the candidate is more than willing to leave and start their new life. It would be considered crazy to give up such an opportunity so these situations very rarely occur.  Any memories of their existence are removed. Anyone who has had an encounter with the candidate forgets it immediately. It is critical that people do not investigate into their disappearance. Their parents are given a large amount in compensation and more often than not go on to have more children in order to fill the void they can’t quite explain.

Candidates are then taken to training headquarters where their six months of preparations begin. The ten of them stay in these headquarters until their final exams. Then their new lives and, more importantly, their new work begin. 


The End

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