Free TimeMature


To be unbound from oppression, to be rid of that which controls us, to belong to nothing but ourselves. 

The people I've encountered though my life have thought that they, in one way or another, were free. I must disagree. 

Do you believe you have the power to control your future? As much as you think you do, you sadly do not. The most you can ever do to try to control the uncertain future is to "plan". But we all know plans seldom follow through. 

You will never understand the freedom I know. 


What is it? Hours, minutes, seconds, moments, years, centuries?  How do you define something so vast and yet so intricate? When did time begin? When does it end? When does it stop? 

Who really gave us time? Thats what I need to know. Not who made the calender, or the clock, or the sundial ... I need to know who or what propels all things forward.

They will be the only one able to help me now. They're  the only one who can find me. Trapped in this insignificant little sliver of a moment on the worlds great time line. So incomprehensibly small your very mind could never process it as it went by you. We live through a billion of these a day. Moments. 

I'm trapped in one, unmoving moment with nothing but this devilish pocket watch and all the time in the world. 

How is it someone so free is so terribly trapped?  

The End

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