Free Spirit's Lover

I never thought I'd meet someone more free than me, which doesn't say anything. I thought I lived in a society that herds freedom like sheep, and drains our spirits away like a waterfalls.

I struggled to glow in the darkening light. I wore bright colors, I never hid my natural form with powders and ink. I sung as I walked down narrow paths and wandered broad expanses of people. I cheered on all who struggled. I ran with long skirts and I splashed people who needed to know what uncertainty felt like. My smiles hit walls of blank faces. My laugh hit soundlessly against echoless emotion. My stride was weighed down by other's sadness.

And yet, in the gloom appeared a beaming face. The first thing I noticed was he was dancing. His dreadlocks ran long and orbited his intense smile as he spun, his bare chest at ease as he overflowed positive energy. He caught my eyes of appriciation and wove his way through the crowd for my hand, and pulled me into his circle. Holding hands and pulling against each other, a whirling tumbling world of support and love flew by, his bright green eyes fixated on mine. Forwards and face to face, backwards and dizzy, we circled and laughed and there were no restrictions. Our combined smiles were contagious. Our laughter rang out in a harmony so beautiful it became addictingly louder and louder. The world spun by, and became a blur as all the blankening people became absorbed into one, and his centering gaze became a steady anchor. And he stopped. His piercing eyes seeing deeper beneath the form than anyone would be bothered to try. He said we were going to do open eye meditation. He pulled his hands to his heart, and I mirrored him, eye to eye, no blinking. My vision fixed on his, I could see his every move, and I stretched my arms forever further as he pushed his hands from his own body. No blinking. The intensity sparkled and cracked as the energy expanded, positive explosions crashing between the two  of us. His eyes glowed as the world dimmed and purity was found. He pulled his hands to mine, and he pulled me to him in an embrace so heartfelt it made my heart melt. An embrace's quality is proportional to the desire to have it. And there was desire. Eyes met eyes, and smiles met smiles, and he walked one way shirtless, radiating freedom, and I walked the other in color, radiating invitational warmth. He said we are all free, some hide it better than others, and continued to find it. He gave hugs to everyone free of judgement because he wasn't afraid to love spirit. And he found it within every person.

The End

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