Chapter Two (Part One)

    I can smell something. An unfamiliar perfume or aftershave – It’s quite nice, woody but not flowery. I can also smell the fatty scent of bacon frying. This must be heaven; it’s too nice for anything else.

    I can also feel something. It’s soft and warm, it’s covering me, it feels breathable and cool yet feels comfortingly warm and the texture is soft and downy. This heaven is just getting better.

    And the sounds, it feels happy and relaxing. I hear a child’s happy squeals as it plays and the gentle tunes of a radio not too far away, the buzz of static almost real.

    I can still taste the salt of the sea in my dry mouth, okay, my death will haunt my afterlife – I can deal with that. 


    With hesitating blinks my eyes open into my heaven. Everything is still fuzzy and my eyes find it difficult to adjust – surely in heaven I wouldn’t need glasses anymore? Everything is pink and yellow pastels – I couldn’t have got lost in the girls heaven?

    I turn my head to see a white box or set of drawers, I can tell yet. On it is the online of my black glasses. My head hurts now – it shouldn’t hurt should it?

    I close my eyes again, place my glasses on my face and take a second glance around. Pink – stuffed teddies and pink… something’s wrong.

    I sit up in the pink heaven, finding myself in my death shirt and boxers – no jeans. I realise the door is open, and outside the heaven looks relatively normal, wallpapered blue halls, ornamental ducks and pictures nailed on the wall, dark brown side table with a phone on, normal.

    My entire body feels stiff and achy but still I swing my legs out of the pink covered bed I have found myself in, the floor is soft white with multicoloured flowers littered randomly about.

    I walk a stiff walk toward the phone on the dark brown table, could this work – phoning the living – how else might I contact them? Shaking, I pick up the phone, dialling someone – anyone… I can’t think of any numbers. Maybe Lilly and Kate would pick up… err, the number is… err…. got it! I punch in the number on the smooth rubber keys and wait.

    Nothing – just the engaged beep sound… okay, phones to tantalise me but no answering… makes sense.

    “Oh, you’ve woken up then, how are you feeling Kitts?” I turn to see Lilly, in jeans and a white vest top, plastic pony toy in her hands.

    “Oh don’t tell me you died too – and you followed me! Argh!”

    “Died? No-one died. I hit you kinda hard on the head and knocked you out but no-one died.”

    “What – then where am I?”

    “You’re at my house, I put you in the back of my car and you’ve been sleeping in Kate’s room for a few days now… Kate was quite put out by you – she had to sleep on the sofa.”

    “What? Then who took of my jeans?”



    “Justin – My boyfriend, I wasn’t going to do it.” How is she talking like this is so normal? Justin is a complete stranger who is sleeping with the mother of my child and has stripped me of clothes…

    “Look, if it’s any better the bruise is healing now…”

    “Bruise! You bruised me, what did you hit me with? Couldn’t you see I wanted to die?”

    “I didn’t bruise you then, you fell against the car door as I carried you to the backseat, it looked kinda purply-red yesterday…”

    “What! You’ve been looking at my bruise… you didn’t wanna take off my jeans but you’ll happily peek at… where is this bruise? I can’t feel anything…”

    “Your face, it’s pretty hard not to talk to you and not see it…”

    “Lilly…my head does hurt, but not in a bruised way, it feels more like a headache, am I on something or are you joking”

The End

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