Free of Pain

This story is about Luke Kites, his life has been messed up by this sadistic and slightly crazy ex-girlfriend and mother of his child. But she is more sane than him at the moment... is there nomality here or is everything too much to take, Luke Kites can't take anymore but has has to carry on for his daughter and for his own sanity... something has just gotta turn out right for once!

Chapter 1


I edge closer to falling on top of the cliff. My glasses are splattered with spray but I can still see the waves below. Their fluffy foam tops look so inviting. The salt on the air feels almost perfect; I will die in a perfect way.

    “Get away from there- you could hurt yourself!” says a woman behind me; I had heard the car pull up a few minutes ago and someone get out onto the gravelled floor.

    “Isn’t that the whole point?” I say back.

    “Kitty – come away from the edge now… please…” ah, so it’s Lilly, a clever twist of fate.

    “Go away – don’t make it easier for me…”


    “But nothing, you’re the one who caused this mess.”


I really should explain. Hello, my name is Luke Kites, hence my ex-girlfriend’s ‘cute’ nickname for me – ‘Kitty’ and I am going to jump off of a cliff and die. I am thirty-two years old and will be for the rest of my commencing life and I like pizza and flat diet cola. Last year Lilly left me for the ‘boy’ who worked as the gardener next door. She just packed her bags and left with Kate our daughter, turned off her mobile and finally called a week later at her parent’s house. I don’t see Kate often and when I do, it’s only a fleeting visit. I lost my job and can no longer pay my mortgage. Doesn’t my life suck?

    “It isn’t my fault you drink yourself into oblivion, it isn’t my fault you lost your job because of it… how is it my fault?”

    “Shut up – you left, not me.”

    “I didn’t want Kate exposed to that, it wasn’t right – and we had spoken about breaking up before…”

    “You replaced me pretty quickly then.”

    “Things were difficult; just get away from the edge.”

    “Why should I?”

    “Because I don’t want Kate without her Dad –”

    “So you’d rather a live Dad who never gets to visit that a Dad who just can’t ever come back?”

    “Not like that… it’s just… I’m so sorry.”

Sorry huh? She’d never know the meaning of the word. Everything suddenly feels calming and cool, and everything is dark. I must be dead… It worked!

The End

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