Chapter 2AMature

Everything was alright when it was just Vincent and his parents.  No corruption, no deceit, just a happy family living on the coast in a friendly neighbourhood.  Vincent was happy, his father was happy, his mother was happy.  But everything changed when Vincent was taken home from nursery by his father and walked in on his mother and another man kissing.  Vincent did nothing but stand in the corner, looking rather helpless as they fought, shouting and punching and throwing inanimate objects at one another.  Vincent didn’t know what their argument was about but it probably had something to do with him because they looked at him, kept shouting at each other and then Vincent’s dad snatched him and dragged him out.  Vincent never saw his mother again.

The first step-mother was so compassionate, so beautiful and so calming.  Vincent liked her as she lived with them.  She would read stories, cuddle him and got along so well with Vincent’s father.  And then she bore him Damon, a well behaved child that looked similar to Vincent.  Vincent and Damon got along well, Damon would rarely cry and always smile up at him.  But this marriage was corrupt, as Vincent’s father never viewed women the same way since Vincent’s mother’s betrayal.  So he went behind Damon’s mother’s back and shortly divorced her, keeping Damon with him.  Damon had cried so much in Vincent’s arms the moment he saw her march out of the home.

The second step-mother was funny, cheerful and pretty good with children.  Vincent found her a bit annoying but Damon seemed to like her.  She bought them toys, played with them every day when she came back from work and she was a very good cook.  Along came Zero, a quiet child unless he wanted attention.  Vincent and Damon took turns looking after their new brother which Zero didn’t mind.  What Zero seemed to mind the most was whenever their father would come and pick him up.  Vincent witnessed the reason why.  He woke up when he heard Zero cry and got up to see his father drunk and picking a two year old Zero.  Vincent understood the foul wording and was too scared to confront him.  He was only nine years old anyway.  Then Zero’s mother spotted him and marched into Zero’s bedroom, yelling and grabbing their father.  Zero was dropped back into his bed, screaming and wailing.  Vincent dashed into the room, grabbed him and carried him out of the room.  He took Damon and they hid in their special place where no-one could get them.  That morning, their father said that he had ‘taken care’ of Zero’s mother.

The third step-mother was shy, quiet and very reserved.  She still lives now.  She never bonded with the other children so Vincent didn’t have a chance to develop an opinion on her.  When Anne was born, Vincent had been there to ride in the ambulance with them.  He remembered how enchanted he felt at seeing his little sister and remembering what happened with Zero, he vowed to protect her.  So every night, he slept in her bedroom, next to her cot, keeping a keen ear open in case their father came.  Anne grew up with him keeping a close eye on her.  He protected her, coddled her perhaps but at least she was safe from their paedophilic father.  Anne grew up and adored him.  He in turn, returned the feelings and it was when Anne turned thirteen, Vincent realised that he loved her in a romantic fashion.

It was wrong, so very wrong.  But Vincent wanted to protect her, hold her close and just kiss her, reassure her that everything is alright.  Vincent looked up at the rear view mirror to see Anne snuggled up to Zero.  Zero had his arm around Anne and Vincent sensed a possessive aura around him as he nuzzled his nose into Anne’s hair.  Damon was asleep so he didn’t notice this action.  But Vincent realised, Zero was overprotective over Anne too.  Damon was protective but he didn’t develop any strong attachments to their sister.  Vincent was glad about that, but his main concern was Zero.  How far would Zero dare to go for his chance to have Anne for himself?

The End

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