But, I no longer do dance. Ever since Mamma died, it hasn’t been the same. Nor, will it ever be. I miss Mamma, and I know Cally does two. But, she doesn’t show it. Even thourgh she’s fifth-teen, she’s just like me. She’s scared of everything. Living with Auntie Liz doesn’t help.

I picked up my pen from my writing box, and pulled out my glossy red poetry book. Mamma went to school for poetry, and taught me everything I know. She told me I can do anything and everything if I sat my mind to it. And, I’m Hazel. I know I’ll make my way in this world someday. Someday must be soon.

The sun sits,

It’s like me

Nowhere to be,

At least it’s free.

I wrote those words quickly. It’s true, I really have nowhere to be. And, I’m not free. That’s for sure.

I jumped quickly off my bed, and ran to my closet. I opened my closet and crawled thourgh all of the dress Aunt Liz bought for me.

I rubbed my hand over the back wall, looking for the door I had found the other. I don’t know where the door goes, but if Aunt Liz knows about it, she wouldn’t have given me my room.

I felt the middle door knob, and I turned it.

I like to slide in to my splits randomly. I’m just like that. I’ve always been. Since Mamma put me in dance. Since I could do my right, my left, and a full middle spilt. I was five than, and now, I’m ten.

The End

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