Day None

It had been a long time since that day. Freddy had grown used to the pain, and he used his life to help those in need and in pain. He did often experience odd injuries, such as broken bones when he did not encounter any reason. But this was to be expected, and he came up with excuses to explain these mishaps. The doctors were fooled, and that is what mattered.

But that day, it was different. He knew, from the moment he awoke, that something would change that he could never put back, and there was nothing he could do about it. So he went about his daily routine, and left for his job as a psychologist. It was his dream, and he would never have had his life another way. If he had known he would be able to help people so much, he would have never hesitated.

He worked hard, and as the day neared an end, he prepared to leave. He had a feeling that the turning point was approaching. He left, and was driving through the downtown, when suddenly a loud scream pierced his ears. He pulled over, and saw a woman pointing at a figure silhouetted against the roof of a tall building.

The silhouette stepped forward, and was revealed to be a man. Freddy felt a sudden chill of terror, and knew that the man must be scared. A large crowd was now gathering, and caps were pulling up. They ran into the building, and from the sounds they were running up the stairs to save him. As they ran onto the roof, he stepped nearer the ledge. They made to grab him, and he leaped.

As he fell, time seemed to stand still. Freddy turned, and began to run. But he could not run far enough, fast enough. He felt a cold chill, and heard a loud thud. Then, it all went black.

The End

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