Day 1

Today was the first day. The first day of the rest of his life. A life that would be filled with pain and suffering. But it would also be filled with love. Freddy woke to the sun, as it shone on his eyes. It was nearly summer, and the heat was coming. He suddenly felt a sharp pain in his leg, and heard a cry from below. It was to be expected, and he knew he would have to learn to live with it.

He drove to the store, feeling twinges of discomfort along the way. The feeling started out as a sharp piercing, but before long it turned into a constant, dull, thud. He was soon covered in bruises and small cuts. Whenever he took on a new one, he knew that someone else had just been saved the pain and the injury.

He took consolation in this knowledge, and drove on, feeling that even though he may feel more pain, others wouldn’t.  This was the thought that he would have to keep in mind for the rest of his life, to keep on going. He just had to keep on going, and help others. He could never give it up. He could never let it down. He could never run and around and desert those he cared about.

The End

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