As Freddy approached his Mother's house, he felt a sudden rush, as though this was the first time he was really visiting her. It felt as though he had never really met her, never known her until this day, when he found out the truth. The truth that she had hidden from him his entire life. He rang the doorbell, and waited for her to greet him.

"I never thought it would be like this. I assumed that it would be something easier, something that wouldn't make you sacrifice so much. I'm just glad you did what you did. Come in."

He did not expect such an outright statement, but knew he should discuss it nonetheless. The prospect frightened him, but he knew it must be done. As she brought him into her living room and sat her in her couch, he felt a sudden tsunami of emotion. First one tear, then more, he broke into tears like a dam breaking. He sobbed, taking his Mother's shoulder as comfort, and told her the story of what happened.

As he finished his story, as well as his tears, she looked down at him. He knew, in that moment, that she would love him forever, no matter what he had to do, even if it meant he would have to go far away. She continued to gaze into his eyes, and he returned the look of admiration, and spoke. "I have two options, as I see it. I can leave, and go somewhere isolated, but that is pointless, otherwise I would have gone with the gods. My other option is to continue with my degree and become psychotherapist. That is what I plan to do, and this gift, or curse, or whatever you want to call it, will certainly help with that."

The End

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