The Choice

“What do you choose?” As Zeus asked this question, Fredrick entered the personal chamber of his mind. The options weighed heavily on his mind, but he knew that he would not be able to take too long with his decision. The options were astounding.

He could become a god. A being of ultimate power, he would never be looked down upon again, and he would never not have something he wanted. He could travel the world, go from place to place, finding a perfect place, something so wonderful he would never want for anything else.

Or, he could stay as he was, with his family, his friends, his mother, his girlfriend. Stay human, not being special, but instead having to endure the pain of everyone he ever came near, whenever he was near them.

The choice was obvious to him.

“I will stay a human”

Gasps filled the room, and Zeus nearly fell out of his chair. Murmurs spread, and suddenly there was a large uproar as people were arguing and debating, as though they had a sudden urge to discuss everything that had ever happened, or at least that happened to him.

“SILENCE!” cried Zeus, and none spoke. “Are you sure this is what you want? You understand what will happen?”

“I am sure, so just let me go now.” As he finished his sentence, he disappeared, and was teleported back into the subway. Gazing up into the sky, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his knee, and looked over to see someone who fell into the curb, right on their knee.

So this is what will happen for the rest of my life. I will never have another moment of peace, but I will be able to be with my family. The thought was quite frightening, but he knew he could live with it. He decided he needed to talk to his Mom. As he texted her, he felt a new chapter of his life opening.

The End

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