The Beggining

Fredrick Dorono has an interesting ancestry, and it is about to come and bite him in the back.

Fredrick “Freddy” Dorno was a normal college student, struggling to pass the next test. He was never special, never good at anything, and never bad. He never considered the fact that he might be something more, something greater than what could be found on Earth. His family was about to change him forever.

It was a Friday afternoon, and Freddy was coming back from a long week of Finals. He was going to visit his Mom’s house, having finished school for the year. As he walked into the subway, the scenery faded. Instead of the subway, he instead walked into a white marble hall, lit by torches suspended in the air. In amazement, he stumbled back, and instead of coming back out into the street, he backed into a cold wall.

Having his exit blocked, Freddy had no choice but to walk towards the huge, solid gold doors at the end of the hall. He felt as though someone was watching him, and he looked around. On plinths by the side of the walkway, in niches, statues of men. There were ones with swords, in armour, and they seemed ancient. There were also ones that seemed more modern... one seemed like an officer during World War II, a pilot, and a ship captain. He wondered what their purpose was, why they were there.

He approached the grand doors, and felt a shudder rack his spine. As he gazed upwards, at the intricate carvings that crisscrossed the surface, he wondered what this was. And then . . . the doors swung open.

The End

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