Daniel & Daniella Faraday

     Waking up in a hospital wasn't the best experience in our lives, but it was better than being burnt to a crisp. Looking around, it looks like a scientific lab, but for some reason, me and Daniel just knew we weren't in any danger. To the right was all glass, like a recording studio, with a big glass door in the middle of the wall. The wall in front of the queen bed me and Daniel shared was slate grey, like a dungeon. But there were comforting paintings and pictures of two twin little girls. I hung my feet off the bed and slid down to the floor. Daniel followed my lead to one of the pictures of the twins and gently touched the glass.

     "Where are we?" I whispered to Daniel. He shook his head. Suddenly, we both jerked our heads to the door, knowing someone was coming. We quickly sprinted back to the bed and literally flew and landed on the mattress. We pulled the covers over our heads just as a man opened the door.

The End

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