Chapter Two: Covering the Natural

General Von Loth stood at the doorway to the capital building of Raion. The city had just taken another beating at the hands of the Western Union, but not without giving the enemy the same pleasure. His armies had secretly deployed along the roadway and moved ever closer to the enemy lines without being detected and he had lured the Western Union to attack Raion this time (as opposed to the last ten times.) and they had predictably attacked. This time there was far less casualties, and he was able to confirm what he had known, but was unable to prove until now. There was a traitor in the General Assembly. Not only that, but he had proof that General Stolkeim was the one. Now it was only a matter of time before he could consolidate the armies of the eastern Union and defeat the enemy. That, after all, was the objective of the war. Not that Gen. Von Loth wasn’t a merciful man, because he was, but if a man enters a war without knowing what he is fighting for, then he has already lost. Mr. Loth had a very clear vision of what could be done if the war could be ended and the rule of law restored. That was his overriding intention. An exhausted soldier stumbled up to the general as he was pondering the issue of the traitor and handed the general a sealed written report. These reports are always high priority as they contain information too sensitive to be sent directly by thought. He opened the letter, looked at it for roughly a minute and then burned it. “Thank you soldier.” ”You are welcome sir.” ”What is your name?” “Palaklad, sir.” “It’s nice to see competence among the ranks, officer Palaklad. Keep up the good fight.” The soldier smiled and then fought to put back on his warrior face. Referencing a solder as an officer was a sign of great respect, not necessarily a sign of rank. It was generally agreed by the entire army that Gen. Von Loth was the most respectful general ever and also the most worthy of respect.

The End

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