CHAPTER ONE: Reflections of the outside…


Frank Vogn woke up reciting the ancient proverbs. He had committed to falling to sleep while reciting the ancient proverbs. He had kept his commitment from the time he had been told that he was loosing his memories until now, even though he could no longer remember why he did it. He just assumed that he had always done it and always would. The fact that he had retained so many of his memories for so long though, suggested that perhaps everyone with this disease should memorize the proverbs.

“…“Beauty comes from within and may or may not be reflected by the outside, but one who covers the natural face has something to hide.”

He especially loved the first part of that proverb and he was sluredly repeating the last word when his daughter and nephew rushed through the door and hurriedly pushed his wheeled chair down the ramp and into the cellar that also served as his library. It had been a hard ramp to construct, but it had proven useful a number of times, as there had been 12 air raids in the last month.

“Did you sleep well father?” Samantha asked with an attempt at a smile and a quick check about the room to make sure that all of their emergency supplies were in the same place.

The older man replied, “I’m doing fine Helen. Why are we down here instead of enjoying the sunrise?”

Samantha fought the urge to correct her father on the fact that it was sun down and that she was in fact Samantha and not Helen…but she feared what memories she might trigger if he were to ask where Helen was. Helen was her mothers’ name. She had died only a year ago and he had faced and recovered from the fact that she was gone twice since it happened. Those days were truly depressing for Samantha and Rall both. Helen had become a mother to Rall also since he lost his parents. Helen was something special. Her love had carried them through many things.

She also couldn’t mention the war because he would ask a million questions about it and she didn’t feel like answering them again.

“There’s a Riot outside and everyone was warned to use their cellar if they wanted to be sure not to be associated with it.”
”A riot? What is the riot over?”
” The taxes. They just raised them again.”

“ A riot over taxes? How silly. I’m sure the police will have it in hand in short order.”

“I’m sure they will. Would you like a drink fath…Frank?” She hated to lie to him, but she needed the ability to listen to the soldier’s thoughts and she couldn’t do that and be interrogated by her father.

“I wouldn’t refuse a cup of water from my lovely wife.”

She shied away from his comment, obviously being made uncomfortable by it.

“My dear, you are as beautiful as the day I married you.”
She smiled at him and wished she were as beautiful as her mother had been. She fetched some water from the keg at the end of the room and gave it to her father. He looked at his reflection in the water and seemed puzzled for a moment, then apparently lost interest.

“Well as long as we are here, shall we listen to stories? I have a large collection as you can see.”

They both answered in agreement and Rall listened to the story intently while it continued with only one interruption as a warship dropped to the earth somewhere near their home. Samantha listened intently to something altogether different.

The End

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