Frankly I fly

This story picks up somewhere just after the industrial revolution of a planet very similar to our own. One that took a much less dramatic industrialization than our own. Instead of sweeping changes over the course of a hundred years or so, it happened over the course of 200 years. In the middle of this, a psudo-scientist discovered that they have more mental ability than previously thought. There is a virus that attacks a person's ability to concentrate and eventually drives them mad, but Dr. D



Prelude: Beauty Comes from Within…

Samantha sat in the shade of a tall ancient spruce tree, trying to see down the soggy road. This was one of four roads that lead out of her city. She had grown up in Raion her whole life, which was only fourteen years, but they had been good years, until this last one. The war had started then and she had been in the middle of a few battles already. Unlike the previous wars, which she had only heard of, this one could involve almost anybody in a matter of seconds. Ships dropped straight down from the sky and dropped fire from above. Lances shot from hovering flyboys, as these unprotected flying soldiers became known, and fell on houses or pedestrians when they missed their target.

There was no time for fear, only for seeking cover. The thoughts of nearby mothers and children reached out in no definite direction. These stray voices of panic scared poor Samantha more than the guarded thoughts of the soldiers. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be able to sense the thoughts of the soldiers, but she couldn’t very well keep them out. She had tried before and failed, and who was there to trust with the very fact that she knew the plans of any commander within twenty miles? Only Rall, who was like a brother to her. She had considered that the Eastern Union might be able to use her ability, but she wasn’t sure which side to trust. The war was surrounded in rumor, and the common people didn’t really even know what they were fighting for. Everyone was telepathic now days, everyone except the extremely old people. You could hardly find them anymore, but they still walked around some times, only able to sense the general idea of what you are trying to send them telepathically.


She sensed the approach of soldiers from the sky. She had to get back to Rall. He could take care of himself, but they also had to take care of her father. His memory loss condition had been getting worse and it really did take the two of them to keep up with all the crazy things his mind came up with to replace the missing memories. The mind doesn’t take well to lost memory. It often replaces it with the craziest notions. Her father would soon wake from his afternoon nap. No one could sleep through an air raid.

The End

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