Franklin, Cassie and Helena

Three friends, Franklin, Cassie and Helena are never separate. They will leave school together, and they entered school together, at the beginning of every day.
But these three have been keeping secrets from eachother- supernatural secrets.
But these secrets are the same secret.
They are all mythical creatures. A ghost, a witch and a werewolf.
But when they find out, will it turn out bad... or good?

The dull glow of the old, shabby computer fell on the face of a girl, with long brown hair and small, blue eyes. She stared idly at what was at the screen as the sunshine outside poured through the windows.

Her eyes left the screen to search around the room, looking past the mess. Her eyes finally encountered her mobile phone. It was a small, compact one; on that seemed more than a phone.

Her fingers started to dance rapidly along the keys, as a loud clicking sound echoed around the room. She sighed as she typed, her eyes showing her boredom. The light outside was still boring in through the windows, a bright, summers day was the scene outside. The fast clicking sound resounded through the whole house, as it was the only noise. No one was home.

A loud 'beep' erupted from the phone before she pressed a button to reveal a text.

Hiya Helena, school's tomorrow, do you know what the homework for eng lit is? Love Frank x

Helena laughed as she replied to the text with a simple one word answer. 'Dunno'

She lay her phone softly on the desk which held the old, huge computer monitor that was still just about glowing. She pondered for a second before shutting the computer down, grabbing her phone and wandering into the lounge where she settled down to watch some TV.

Helena was a girl of around seventeen, but she had a destiny that had lived for a millennia, because Helena was a witch.

The End

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