Frank; the time travelling cat

He's a cat. He travels through time. Simple.

Frank sat on the end of the sofa whilst Wendy sat at the other end, her head thrown backwards as she laughed heartily at some crap on the television. 

Feeling rather hungry, Frank sauntered into the kitchen and stood in front of his empty bowl. He loved the power he wielded.

He looked about. Scratched his middle back and let out a rather girlie 'meow'. 


He decided to give it a little more umph. 

Wendy looked over the top of the sofa towards Frank and tutted. 

She made her way over and opened the cupboards. 

"You can just ask you know. You don't have to meow like a cat." She said. 

Frank rolled his eyes. 

"I am a cat, you daft mare."

Wendy sighed. "And enough with the  pedantry. Christ."

Frank smiled to himself. He rather liked being a misanthropic, pedantic black and white cat. No amount of protestation from Wendy was going to change that. 

She finished filling his bowl and dropped it at his feet. 

"Cheers love," he answered. 

Wendy returned to her pointless TV show, and Frank stared at the bowl of cat food. He sighed and walked away. 

He snaked between the legs of the many chairs that circled the ridiculously oversized table, and made his way to the cat flap. 

He had barely got his head through when he started to see bright lights. A swooshing sound filled his ears, making his fur stand on end. 

There was a flash. 

Frank blinked furiously and looked about him. 

He was sat on the end of the sofa again. He looked to his left and there was Wendy, glued to the TV. 

"What the bloody hell," he spluttered. 

Wendy turned to him and gave him an incredulous look. "What?"

Frank considered her response for the briefest of moments. She had come to terms with the fact he could talk. He didn't think time travel would go down too well. 

A buzz of excitement tickled his belly. The possibilities, he thought. He was a time travelling cat. This was magic. 

All manor of ideas ran through his tiny mind. All the people he could meet, the places he could go. The world, and it's history was his oyster. 

He wandered over to the cat flap, assuming that was the magical portal through which he would travel.   He thought to himself and smiled. 

The bright lights started. The buzzy sound filled his ears. Then there was a flash. 

He was sat in the kitchen. He sniffed the air. He caught a whiff of chicken. 

Brilliant, he thought. 

He had made his way back to last Tuesday. Chicken night. 

"Yes," he shouted. Nobody paid any attention. 

With that, he tucked into his dinner, his life now changed forever. 

The End

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