Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Aiaysa watched as Siloux worked to seal her suit, as efficient as he had been with the injections. The shots had been quick and painless, though she was typically afraid of needles. It was ridiculous, really, that she feared needles. She had faced far greater before.

She thought back to her childhood, living on a military base on an underdeveloped planet. Her mother had been a doctor, sent to deliver medical care to native communities, when she met her father, a commander in the military. She had grown up amongst bombings and civilian uprisings. Only when she left the base for college did she ever truly feel secure; she was finally living on a planet that was in peace.

Nearly immediately after college, Aiaysa began work in a laboratory, comparing botanical samples from various planets to those of her race's home planet. The work was simple and boring. Aiaysa found her 'home planet' foreign and unusual, longing for the raw, primal feeling of her real home. She disliked the overpopulation, the modernization. And the Xiaro IV only made her homesickness worse.

Unfortunately, the Xiaro IV was the only place she had to go. While she was getting her doctorate in biological science, the military base on which she had lived was destroyed; she lost both of her parents.

Aiaysa glanced up when Siloux's hand stopped moving, surprised to find him so close.

"You look nervous," he said, smiling. "Not scared, are you?"

"Of course not!" Lexx declared, returning a his smile, though it didn't reach her eyes. She had always been a terrible liar.

The End

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