Speed Is a Virtue

"With both of them? Already?" She sounded surprised.

Siloux chuckled, stowing the equipment which wasn't to be disposed back into his kit and locking the bag. He then used his free hands to redo the bindings of the recon suit around her wrist, rethreading and tightening the straps and fitting button to hole. "Emergency doctor. I wouldn't be much use if I wasn't quick."

This was true, in many other aspects of Siloux's life as well as medicine. He had started his practice in an office, but the mundane routine of office life had not suited his ecstatic lifestyle. He had abandoned stuffy children and hypochondriacs and joined the military, Galactic Division. He had served a short period in the hotspots of Zerina during the indigenous uprising and had seen his fair share of gruesome wounds before being transferred to the Inter Galactic Division, where blast wounds had been replaced with complex fractures, strange diseases, and general boredom. The Xiaro IV was the third ship on his list of transfers, and probably the last. Those above finally seemed happy with the change, and when Siloux had requested that he be kept on the Xiaro IV, they had not disagreed. The lifestyle might have been sparse and typically without incident, those incidents that did occur were always new, strange, and profoundly interesting. He had fallen in love with the travel, with the unknown, and, perhaps most of all, with the ship itself.

He had learned to work gently from his days dealing with stuffy children, quickly from his days in combat, and without surprise from his days on the Xiaro IV. He doubted that he could ever run into another medical issue that would phase him to immobility.

The suit was as difficult to redo as it was to undo, but Siloux's fingers worked the sleeve closed quickly enough. He glanced up at Lexx when he was finished, his fingers lingering around her wrist. He was quite a bit closer to her than before, more from the focus on his work than anything else, but it allowed him to better study the contours of her face.

"You look nervous," he noted, smiling. "Not scared, are you?"

The End

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