Never Watch the Needle

Aiaysa looked apprehensively at the needles that Siloux was preparing; she had never been comfortable with them. A minuscule drop of the immuno-enhancement balanced on the head of the needle as Siloux pushed any air bubbles out of the syringe.

"Not afraid of needles, are you?" he asked as he angled the needle toward her arm. She simply laughed, not wanting to lie but also unwilling to admit her fear. Her eyes followed the needle as it approached her arm, knowing that it would only make the sting worse but unable to draw her eyes away.

Just as the needle pressed against her skin, a voice sounded through out the cabin, "Landing in two minutes."

Aiaysa's thoughts immediately returned to their mission and the discoveries ahead of them. Her previous feelings of excitement and anxiety returned with a renewed strength; she was going to be a part of the first group to ever set foot on another inhabitable planet.

"All done," Siloux said as he returned his equipment to his case and discarded the used syringe.

"With both of them? Already?" Aiaysa asked, sure that she hadn't even felt the first pierce her skin.

The End

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