False Alarm

Aiaysa Lexx sat alone on the Recon ship, trying to make herself seem engrossed in her work tablet. The ship was over crowded as many tried to visit the first inhabitable planet. This seemed to only make Aiaysa's situation worse; she was claustrophobic. All excitement left her once she entered the loading dock; she seemed to be a nuisance that was only allowed because of the commander.

"Ms. Lexx?"

Aiaysa looked up when she heard her name, slightly startled. Few spoke to her, especially outside of her department, and this man was most definitely not in her department. He was young, friendly, and attractive, unlike the others in her department, and most importantly, he was smiling. Very few people on the Xiaro IV smiled, including herself. She, of course, had to return the gesture.

"Have you taken your immuno-enhancement injections for this trip?"

"I have not," she replied, unsure what exactly they were. Shouldn't someone have mentioned those before?

"Well, I suppose I should give you them, then," the young man said. The man turned and rummaged through his small case, procuring two small vials and a syringe. He slyly turned the vials so the labels would face away from Miss Lexx; the 'immuno-enhancement injections' were only an electrolyte booster and vitamin injection. Ventran felt slightly ashamed to have tricked Miss Lexx, but he had told her the truth. Kind of. They would help her remain healthy.

The End

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