Ant Among Sharks

Few people paid heed to the announcement. Only a select few were permitted to leave the Xiaro IV, a selection of scientists and mindless bodyguards. Aiaysa was finally among the select few. She shuffled through her things, unsure what to do. She knew all about reconnaissance from reading reports and listening to the commander, but she still was a little lost. With time pressing, she abandoned her gear for only her work tablet. It contained any information or resources she would need for the trip.

Aiaysa meandered to the only port she knew of, shockingly unpreoccupied with the mission at hand. Her thoughts instead wandered to that of the commander. She had heard the whisperings amongst her coworkers. Fresk refused to allow the true relationship between them to be known. He was afraid others would think he was granting her undeserved benefits. If only her uncle would listen to what they thought instead.

She distractedly arrived at the port to prepare for the landing. One could easily divide each member into their respective occupation. The scientists were standing together, all with work tablets, discussing the mission ahead. The guards, those who were expendable, were lounging lazily, slouching against the smaller air crafts as their (somewhat) superiors prepared the planes.

Aiaysa made her way over to the group of scientists where she was welcomed quite coolly. The commander had really made this difficult on her. He had managed to estrange her from the entire crew on the Xiaro IV, from the kitchen staff to her fellow scholars. She was beginning to doubt even herself the validity of her rank.

"You need a recon suit. Come with me," one of the lieutenant commanders barked in her direction. She followed the man, Keclar his name tag read, to an area with bio-hazard suits, standard for traveling to an unexplored planet. The lieutenant spoke as little as possible, obviously of the same mindset as the rest of the ship. Aiaysa's excitement dropped steadily as she contemplated her short future on the Xiaro IV.

The port filled with noise as several announcements directed individuals to their crafts. Aiaysa glanced up from her ponders as the flight number Fresk had given her was called. She approached the largest of the planes, boarding while sighing.

Of course he puts me on the most important ship with the most important people, while I'm the most insignificant of all.

Everyone seemed displeased with the presence of the commander's whore on their ship. They avoided her as they operated the craft and prepared their data. The lieutenant commander, the one she had met earlier, Keclar, seemed the most irritated by her company.

She anticipated this would be the beginning of the end of her career.

The End

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