This is a futuristic piece based on Margaret Atwood's "Time Capsule Found on the Dead Planet." Right now this is limited to only VinnyLouise and myself.

"Lexx, begin running atmospheric tests and send me a report."

Aiaysa Lexx nodded, turning back to her station. She typed commands into the computer in front of her, directing the external equipment to collect a sample of the atmosphere outside of the ship. Once she had extracted the sample, she began to run a barrage of tests, checking the chemical composition of the air.

After the tests were completed,  Aiaysa compiled the results into a report for the commander.

"Commander, I have the results. The atmosphere is remarkably similar to ours. There is a slightly higher concentration of carbon dioxide and oxygen, but the nitrogen level is ideal. I only found one thing of real interest: francium. There is a high concentration of francium. It's harmless, of course, but intriguing. I've never encountered an atmosphere with so much francium. I would like to go with the land crew and investigate the source."

"Of course. You're the only one that can keep the men in line, anyway. We're running an optic analysis now, but as soon as it comes back, suit up and head out. Keep an eye out. I don't want to lose any men."

"Yes, sir."

Aiaysa walked back to her office, enthralled. She had never been granted permission to go on a landing. The commander was always very protective of her. She was one of the few women in his troop and by far the most valuable.

"The landing crew is to report to the port. Landing crew to port."

Aiaysa prepared to see her first foreign planet.

The End

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