Running is cowardly. I know this fact, but if I had stayed I would be in jail right now, possibly for something I haven’t done. I can’t be taken away when I think I am innocent. if I prove to myself that I am guilty then I will give myself up to the police, but at the moment there is not much proof that it was me, only the pistol in my hand when I woke up. There was nothing else there except for some strange message written on a post-it note. I don’t feel like looking at it again because I have already memorised it. The note is scrunched up in the pocket of my work trousers along with my wallet and wife’s purse. I hope she is not mad at me for taking it…but then she won’t ever know, if she is dead then it doesn’t matter.

 I am on a backstreet which I have only been on once before, I don’t really know my way around but I am good at finding my way around things. If I do get lost though, maybe it would be better; maybe I should just leave and start over again. No! I can’t do that, I have to find out if I am innocent or not and then I must bring justice upon Amanda’s murderer. I will not just sit back and let that beast wander around as a free man. I know exactly what I have to do. I will re-trace my steps back to the start of this nightmare day and see where it leads me. If it seems that something is out of place then I will get more information on this. I hope I can find the monster that ruined my life and ended Amanda’s. Oh Amanda, sweet, caring Amanda. What was I going to do without her? How would I live my life with her not in it, bossing me around, taking care of me, being there for me when I get home from work? Life alone was going to be torture.

 I sigh and take the mysterious note out of my pocket, it was a stupid note with no message whatsoever apart from that the writer can’t spell very well. It couldn’t hurt to look, the note read:

 Bbefore this day yourr life had noo problems butt now hher lifee is overr.

What did it mean? I know it is telling me that Amanda is dead, but this note is proof, proof that I am not a murderer. Why would I write it like this? Saying ‘your’ instead of my? And I hate seeing and writing spelling mistakes I am very good with grammar but this note is not, which is more proof of my innocence.

Well, I had better stop thinking because I can hear people running through the alley behind me, and if I don’t scarper then I will be found. I know where I am going to go now, I am going to restart the day, starting at my work the first place I saw anyone.

 I begin to run again, my chest is burning it is like my lungs are on fire, but I have to go. I will not rest until the murderer is caught, it was someone I know or else they wouldn’t have known where I live…lived. Well where is there a place more social than work? No where. I am going to bring justice on this man, he will pay for what he did, and I will find him no matter what.

The End

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