I was framed for something I never thought of being framed for. The description was highly correct. The crime that I did was outrageous, beyond outrageous. Apparently I stole a very precious, valuable, very priceless item from a man. I had to sit in a room at a table with chair in the dark, no windows, no one with me. Ever since I was little, I've been so scared of the dark, especially in a very big space. I didn't care if there were monsters or a bad guy holding a gun to me, as long as I knew I wasn't alone. If there was a heavy breathing or an aura that didn't comfort me in the dark I'd be more scared in my life. I'd rather die, instead of being around in the dark with it or whoever.

Having these thoughts comfort me, because I didn't hear heavy breathing or feel an uncomfortable aura in the room. So I calmed down, but another thought ran through my head. Am I alone? Please let there be someone here. I think I might go insane if I don't know, I need to know to be sane. I can't handle this suspense. Then a light turned on in front of me, blinding me at first. The thought of having a light in front of me, calmed me down. Making me feel like someone's there.

"You stole something precious from me." A voice said rapidly and quickly.

My heart started beating faster. My hands started to tremble with fear, because the voice sounded like it was from someone in a gang. The voice sounded rough around the edges and freighting with the feeling of threats getting shot at someone. This was real life. The voice is from someone I know.

"You stole my heart." coming out of the dark, a man with a hole in his chest.

The End

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