How Do I Look Like?

A girl with an auburn hair was kneeling in front an Elephant’s ear plant. She has her eyes closed and was smelling the freshly picked Alocasia she was holding with her right hand. She was inside her greenhouse, and around her were different kinds of flowering plants, some bearing flowers already. The greenhouse was divided into several sections, some sections reserved for plants who were in need of a particular kind of climate to bear flowers. The greenhouse was situated at the back of a certain mansion whose owner is the aforementioned girl.

Suddenly, soft footsteps were heard on the loam soil behind the auburn-haired girl. This caused the girl to open her eyes and focus her attention to the nearing person. The footsteps slowly halted just a few meters from her. The auburn-haired girl caught the whiff of kiwi and involuntarily smiled. She knows that scent all too well.


The auburn-haired girl slowly stood up and faced the bearer of the voice. She held up the flower that she was holding and spoke in a rather controlled voice.

“This is an Alocasia, Rhia. You told me before that it could only be found in countries with tropical climates. But look! They managed to grow one here… inside this greenhouse.”

Rhia blinked a few times, trying to hold back her tears.

“How…” Rhia’s voice was faltering, revealing the fact that she was now in the verge of crying. “How have you been?”

Artemis smiled, enjoying the fact that this time, she was not remembering but was actually hearing her lover’s voice.

“I’m good.”

Rhia smiled a sad smile upon seeing Artemis’ joyful smile.

“How do I look like Artemis?” Rhia asked, her smile slowly breaking.

“Ow… You’re still as beautiful as always. Long black hair, a tanned skin glowing with life, eyes as black and mysterious as the night, a perfect nose, not too sharp nor too flat, a long philtrum that accentuates your  beauty and soft strawberry colored lips…”

Before Artemis could finish what she was saying, a pair of tears slid down Rhia’s cheeks and seconds after, the girl was already silently sobbing.

“Why? Why didn’t you tell me Artemis?...” Rhia bit her lower lip, trying to steady her voice.

The End

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