...Or the Pleasant Surprise?

Jaejoong slowly made his way towards Rhia’s desk, all the while carefully picking out the words he would be saying.

Jaejoong stood in front of Rhia, giving the latter a polite smile.

“Good afternoon Miss Kwon.”

Rhia slowly gave back the smile. She looks composed and unmoved by the man’s presence although her eyes tell another story. For you could clearly see the hatred, passionately burning in her eyes.

“Good afternoon Mr. Kim Jaejoong. This is a pleasant surprise. What may this important thing be that it cannot simply wait for another day to be discussed?” Rhia’s voice was calm and controlled albeit, you can still hear the tell-tale sign of hostility in it.

“You need to know the truth…”

Jaejoong sighed, as if wanting to already remove a burden from his chest.

Rhia narrowed her eyes upon hearing Jaejoong’s words.

“Truth? About what exactly Mr….”Rhia tried to say but was quickly cut off by Jaejoong.

“Artemis is back.”

The End

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