The Unwanted Visitor?...

Rhia was busy reading some documents on her desk when she suddenly received a call from her secretary.

Rhia lazily pressed the loud speaker button without turning her eyes away from the files for even a second.

“What is it Gyuri? I said that I don’t want to be disturbed. Besides, I’ll be leaving in a few minutes.” Rhia told her secretary, her attention still focused on the document she’s reading.

“I’m really sorry Miss Kwon but there is a man here who refuses to leave. He said that you know him and that he really needs to talk to you right now.” The secretary’s voice was obviously worried.

“Who did he say he is?” Rhia inquired, still half listening to her secretary.

“He said he is Mr. Kim Jaejoong of the Kim Enterprise.”

Rhia stopped midway into flipping a page and just stared at the intercom that connects her to her secretary.

“Miss Kwon? Should I let him in?”

Rhia still stared at the intercom, her brain trying to process what she was feeling at the moment. She tried to speak but no voice came out.

“Miss Kwon?”

She inhaled a lung full of air, trying to calm herself, before speaking.

“Yes. Please let him in.”

The End

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