A Glimmer of Hope

Cassie Jung..




Rhia roughly closed her eyes to erase the unwanted thoughts…

D*mn Rhia! It’s been 5 years already! Why can’t you simply forget her?

Because you really don’t want to.

Rhia opened her eyes and stared at the presentation

Because until now, you still have that glimmer of hope that somehow, she’ll come back and give an explanation for everything.


Rhia gritted her teeth, trying hard to refocus her attention back to the meeting.

“Is there… Is there something wrong Miss President?” Mr. Seo, who is sitting beside Rhia, asked her upon noticing the apparent agitation on the President’s expression.

This sudden question brought Rhia back to reality as the unwanted thoughts were again, shoved at the back of her mind.

Rhia turned to Mr. Seo and gave him a polite smile.

“There’s nothing wrong Mr. Seo.”

The old man gave Rhia one slow nod before turning back his attention to the presenter.

Rhia refocused her thoughts and concentrated on the current presentation.

The End

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