Rhia was sitting at the end of the table. They were currently having the monthly meeting and discussing the progress of each of the branches of the Kwon enterprise. All the heads of each of the branches are present. Rhia was attentively listening at the current presenter, Mr. Choi Siwon, who was almost done discussing everything about AppleKorea, one of the biggest branches of the Kwon enterprise.

“…. But there is a growing concern because of an American company who is slowly becoming popular and spreading its branches all over Korea.”

“An American company?” Rhia’s curious voice reverberated all over the room and interrupted Siwon’s report.

“Ahm… Yes Miss Kwon. According to the report, this company started off five years ago as a small flower shop in America. It slowly flourished and after a while, started putting up branches on different countries. And now they are in Korea.”

“A small flower shop? Hmm… interesting. How did it become so popular after only five years?”

Rhia flipped the pages of the report in front of her while Siwon pressed a button to go to the next slide of his presentation.

“Well… Aside from the unique flower arrangements that they are promoting, the consumers were also drawn to the exceptional smell of each of the flower arrangements. A part of their slogan says that the most beautiful flowers are those whose fragrance tells you how magnificent they are, though your eyes are closed...."

Their fragrance paints a picture, more wonderful than what your eyes could see. And paints it in a way, which makes it linger longer in your memory more than any colorful flower could.

Rhia’s head abruptly looked at the screen upon hearing the slogan that Siwon mentioned.

Her eyes were a mixture of hope and sadness upon the sudden remembrance of the memory.



That’s impossible.

Rhia shook her head to erase the sudden image and tried to focus back her attention to the presentation.

Siwon was still standing front and was now discussing the history, the name and the actual owner of the shop.

“…the shop’s name is…


and it’s said that it was first sponsored by the Kim Enterprise…

But the CEO and major stock holder is an American girl named…

Cassie Jung…”

The End

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