The two huge mahogany doors of Rhia’s office suddenly burst open and revealed a slightly older but still energetic Mr. Kwon. He surveyed the room and smiled happily upon seeing his daughter on her chair, busy reading some files.

“Good morning Rhia!” Mr. Kwon Dong Min happily greeted as he took large strides towards her daughter’s table.

Rhia simply nodded and answered him with an unenthusiastic “Good morning, Dad” without even tearing her eyes from the paper she’s reading.

Mr. Kwon frowned and loudly placed both of his hands on both sides of Rhia’s table.

“Are you really that busy that you can’t even spare a few seconds to look up and greet your father?” Mr. Kwon reprimanded her daughter with a hint of hurt in his voice.

Rhia then placed the file she’s reading on the table and took off her glasses before standing up to formally greet her father.

“Good morning Dad.” She then bowed down in front of her father. “I’m sorry for not greeting you properly a while ago. I was just too engrossed in reading some of the important documents that just came in today.”

Rhia smiled in a formal way and gestured her father to sit on the chair in front of the table.

Mr. Kwon just shook his head before finally sitting down with a sad expression. He then stared at the name plate on top of Rhia’s table.

Kwon Rhia


Rhia, sensing her father’s sad mood, thought that something was wrong.

“Is there a problem Dad?”

She looked at her father worriedly.

Mr. Kwon just looked up at her and forced a smile.

“This is nothing Rhia. You don’t come home often anymore so I just miss you so much.”

And I miss the old you terribly.

Rhia timidly smiled at her father’s statement. She was touched because her father doesn’t usually say what’s on his mind.

“I’m sorry Dad. It’s just so busy these days. But don’t worry. I’m free tonight, so right after the meeting, I’d go straight home so we could eat dinner together. You, me and mom.”

Right after saying that, Rhia sat back on her chair and touched the files on the table.

Mr. Kwon nodded and stood up.

“Well then. We’ll see you later Rhia. Don’t tire yourself too much ok?”

“You won’t stay for lunch Dad? It’s almost lunch anyway, I’ll just fix this mess up and then we could eat lunch together.” Rhia started fixing her files on the table.

Mr. Kwon just shook his head and smiled at Rhia.

“I was also the president before you know? So I know how busy your schedule is.”

He stopped Rhia from closing all the files.

“I just actually passed by to tell you not to miss dinner but since you already said it yourself, my job here is done.”

Mr. Kwon just nodded at his daughter and widened his smile.

“Are you sure Dad?”

Rhia looked at her Dad apologetically.

Mr. Kwon just nodded before turning his head towards the door.

“I’ll go now. I still have this small meeting about this business that your mother wanted to start.” Mr. Kwon said before walking towards the door.

“Ok Dad. Be careful and see you and mom later.”


Rhia turned her attention back to the papers she’s reading while Mr. Kwon continued walking towards the door.

He gave Rhia one last glance before fully closing the huge door.

Mr. Kwon leaned on the two doors of Rhia’s office and sighed.

Seeing my daughter like this…

I think I’m regretting my decision to agree to Artemis’s request 5 years ago…

Because the moment Artemis left…

She also took with her,

The life in my daughter’s eyes…

Mr. Kwon closed his eyes and sighed before walking towards another door.

The End

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