A Trickle of Warmth in a Block of Ice

Rhia stepped inside her limousine right after visiting one of the branches of AppleKorea. She formally sat on the right as her secretary got in, slumped on the seat in front of her and dropped all the files on a little table in the middle of them.

Rhia then turned her attention to her phone, checking whether some important voice mails came in while she was checking that certain branch of AppleKorea.

Her secretary stared at her boss in confusion. She then stared at the files on the table, contemplating on whether it is a good time to ask her boss the question that’s been bothering her for the past few months. She lifted her head and looked again at her boss, deciding that she wouldn’t be satisfied unless she would ask the question now.

“Ahm… Miss Kwon.” Rhia’s secretary started, trying to start the conversation.

“Yes Gyuri?” Rhia looked at her secretary and placed her phone on top of the small table.

“Can I ask you a question?” Gyuri touched the files on the table.

“Yes. As long as it’s work related.” Rhia picked up her phone again and scanned through the messages.

Gyuri stared at her boss and bit her lower lip.

There’s nothing wrong with what I’m going to ask so I don’t need to be afraid.

Gyuri inhaled a lung full of air for confidence and continued to ask the question.

“Miss Kwon, why do you have to visit Urban Café and AppleKorea just to get the monthly reports? Why not just send someone to get it?”

Rhia stopped fumbling at her phone upon hearing Gyuri’s question.

She then fixed her gaze at the latter.

“I just want to personally assess two of the most successful branches of our empire. I want to be hands on in my work.” Rhia answered Gyuri in a tone of finality.

Gyuri just nodded, nervous at the slight agitation that she has caused. She then turned her attention on flipping some of her own files on one side of the table.

If you say so Miss Kwon… Personally assess… Even though you only visit these two particular branches… of Urban Café and Apple Korea.

The End

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