Heart of Ice

A black limousine stopped right in front of the Urban Café and a man in a black suit opened the back door of the limousine. Slowly, a girl in a white over-all stepped out of the limousine. She has her black hair in a neat bun and she was wearing a white rimmed glasses. The man in the black suit hurriedly pushed open one of the glass doors of the café as the girl took fast strides towards the counter. Upon the girl’s entrance inside the café premises, all the people inside the café stopped what they were doing and fixed their eyes on her. Another girl, who was obviously her secretary followed closely behind her. Three girls in uniform greeted her a good morning as she passed by them. She greeted them back with a clipped “good morning” without missing a stride. A few seconds after, she was finally in front of Choi Sooyoung, the manager of that branch of Urban Café.

“Good morning Miss Kwon.” Sooyoung greeted the girl formally as she stopped supervising and stepped out of the counter.

“Good morning. Is everything ok here? How’s the café doing?” The girl, called Miss Kwon, seriously asked Sooyoung as she proceeded to scan the whole area.

“Everything’s ok Miss Kwon. This particular branch is flourishing and so are the other branches.” Sooyoung calmly reported. She then turned her head to a certain girl serving a table.

“Taeyeon.” Sooyoung called the attention of that certain girl who immediately passed what she’s doing to another girl as she hurriedly walked towards the manager.

“Yes, Sooyoung?” Taeyeon stood beside Sooyoung, waiting for further instructions.

Sooyoung gestured towards a door at the back side of the café.

“Please get the file about the monthly report of the income of this particular branch and also the file of the over-all monthly income of the other branches of Urban café.” Sooyoung nodded at Taeyeon who then bowed at Sooyoung and Miss Kwon before hurrying towards the room.

Miss Kwon looked around the café’s premises.

She noticed the new paintings and designs around the whole café.

“I see you that you have improved the ambiance of the café and have also purchased some added furniture. “

Sooyoung just nodded as she followed Miss Kwon’s gaze.

“Yes Miss Kwon. All those things are mentioned on the monthly report.”

Sooyoung then took the files that Taeyeon hurriedly brought and gave it to Miss Kwon’s secretary.

“Here are the files Miss Kwon. It has been properly compiled and organized.”

Miss Kwon just nodded before facing Sooyoung again.

“Thank you Miss Choi. I’ll be going now.”

“Have a safe trip Miss Kwon.”

Sooyoung curtly bowed as Miss Kwon walked with her secretary at tow towards the glass door now held open by the same man in a black suit.

“… And I wish that when you come back… You’re Rhia again.” Sooyoung murmured right after Rhia went in her limousine.

The End

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