Shattered Promises

Rhia sat there on her bed staring at the TV in utter shock. Silent tears were flowing down her face as the memory of Artemis’s words looped around her head.



An image of Artemis slowly appeared on the TV. She was sitting and was facing the camera.

Rhia sat on the bed, confused.

“Rhia.” Artemis started. She then slowly looked down to the floor.

“I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to do this to you. I thought… I really thought that I’ve already forgotten Jaejoong and that I am in love with you now. But I was wrong.”

Rhia stared at the TV in utter shock. She could not believe what she was hearing.

“The night that we got into an accident… My whole life flashed before me… And I realized… I realized that I still want to live. Because… because I still want to have a family with Jaejoong.”

Those last words crushed Rhia’s hope as tears started to uncontrollably fall from her eyes.

No. This isn’t happening.

“I’m sorry Rhia. I know this is a coward thing to do. I know that I should tell you all this personally when you wake up but… But I don’t think I can bear to see the hatred in your eyes. I’m giving you back the ring because I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve your love. I’m sorry.”

And it blacked out.

*End of Flashback*



Rhia sobbed uncontrollably and threw everything that she could put her hands on to.

“You are lying! No! You love me!”

She threw her bed sheet. Pulled out the I.V. connected to her. and threw the flower arrangement to the TV.

“You love only me!”

Suddenly, a group of nurses entered the room and held her down.

Rhia continued to struggle and shout at them to release her.

A nurse injected something on her arm and slowly, she fell asleep.

Why Artemis?… Why?

The End

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