Yoona huffed out of the room in frustration.

How dare you Jung Artemis?! Why do you have to do this to Rhia?

She gritted her teeth at the memory of her last meeting with Artemis.



Yoona opened the door of Rhia’s room to go outside and buy something to eat. But she stopped on her tracks upon seeing Artemis outside her room, walking hand in hand with her ex-boyfriend Kim Jaejoong. She felt anger boil inside her but she stopped herself.

I know there is a sound explanation about this.

“Artemis?” She called out to her and walked towards her.

She saw Jaejoong whisper something to Artemis. The latter then looked up to her and smiled.

“Yoona. Nice to see you again. How’s Rhia?” Artemis then looked at what she was holding.

Yoona stood right in front of Artemis and eyed her.

There’s something wrong. But I can’t quite put my finger on it.

“Well, she’s ok. She’s stable but she’s still in a coma. Do you want to see her?”

Artemis shook her head and sighed.


Artemis then held on to Jaejoong tighter before extending the object she was holding to Yoona. It was a CD and a ring box.

“Take these things and give it to her.”

Yoona hesitatingly took the CD and the box.

“What are these?”

Artemis lifted her head and smiled a sad smile.

“The CD is my farewell to her and that box contains the ring that she gave me.”


Artemis inched closer to Jaejoong and clasped his hand with both of her hands.

“Tell her I’m sorry and that I didn’t mean to do this to her. I just realized it when I faced the brink of death. I thought I’ve forgotten Jaejoong but it turned out that I was just fooling myself.”

Artemis sighed while Yoona just stared in shock.

“Everything’s in there. Tell her to watch it. And also, tell her that I’m moving out of the country, with Jaejoong.”

“Let’s go Jae.”

Jaejoong smiled sadly and snaked his hand around Artemis’s waist. They then slowly walked towards the exit of the hospital with Yoona staring at their backs in shock.

*End of Flashback*



Yoona sat down on a bench and clenched her fist.

I hate you Jung Artemis.

The End

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