Gyuri, Mr. Kwon’s secretary rushed inside his office. She has a really worried look on her face.

“Mr. Kwon! Rhia’s in the Cheil General Hospital. You must go there immediately!”

“What? What happened? Call Danny. Tell him to bring me there now!”

Mr. Kwon immediately stood up and started walking out of his office. Gyuri followed suit, talking to the phone. They entered the elevator just as the secretary put down her phone.

“Danny’s already waiting for you at the parking lot sir. They said that Rhia’s motorcycle was hit by an over speeding car. Your daughter and another girl, named Jung Artemis, were rushed at the Cheil General Hospital immediately.”

“Thank you Gyuri.” The president uttered as he stepped out of the elevator and into the parking lot.

“My pleasure sir.”

The secretary looked down as the elevator door closed.

“… I hope Rhia’s alright.”


“Why isn’t she waking up doctor?”

Kwon Dong Min was talking to the doctor beside Rhia’s bed. He glanced at her still sleeping daughter and sighed.

“There is no real damage on her brain so it might just be the shock that caused her to be in a coma. But we are expecting her to wake up in a few days.”

Kwon Dong Min looked at the doctor and nodded.

“How about Artemis doctor? How is she?”

The doctor flipped a few pagers of the paper he’s holding.

“She’s ok Mr. Kwon. Minor cuts and bruises and a few broken bones but no real damage…”

Someone knocked on the door which caused the two to halt their conversation. A nurse entered the room.

“Ms. Jung is already awake Dr. Lee.”

The doctor nodded and gestured at Mr. Kwon.

They both followed the nurse.


A few days after.

Rhia opened her eyes and looked around her.

“Where am I?”

White ceiling.

White walls.

A flower arrangement on the table at the side of her bed.

A long sofa near the door.

Suddenly, the door opened and a girl came in.

“Rhia! You’re awake!”


The girl rushed to Rhia’s side and fussed over her.

“Are you ok? Does it hurt anywhere? Do you want to eat anything? Are you thirsty?”

Rhia laughed at her friend’s worried face.

“Yah! That was not funny! You scared us!”

Suddenly, Rhia stopped and stared at her friend.

“Where’s Artemis?! Is she ok?! I want to see her!”

Rhia tried to get up but Yoona stopped her. She forced to former to stay on bed.

“Rhia. Calm down. She’s ok. She checked out a few days ago.”

“Then where is she? I want to go to her!”

Rhia tried again to get up but Yoona stopped her.

“She’s gone.”

“What?!” Rhia faced Yoona and shouted. She was clearly worried and angry.

“What do you mean she’s gone! You just told me that she’s ok and that she just checked out a few days ago?!” Rhia tried again to get up and Yoona struggled to stop her. “Now will you please let me go?! I want to see my Artemis!”

“She left Korea with Jaejoong right after she checked out of the hotel!” Yoona blurted out which caused Rhia to stare at her in shock.

“No… You are lying. You are lying! Artemis would never do that to me?! She would never leave me! She loves me!” Rhia once again tried to get up and push Yoona away.

“Stop it Rhia! Stop looking for someone who realized that she’s more in love with somebody!” Yoona shouted and pushed Rhia towards the bed.

“Wha… What?!”

Rhia clutched Yoona’s collar and pulled her towards her.

“What are you talking about?!”

“See for yourself!” Yoona removed Rhia’s hand from her shirt. She dropped a CD along with a box on Rhia’s lap before walking outside.


Rhia looked at the CD. She then placed it on the player beside her bed and clicked the remote. The T.V. on the wall right in front of her opened. A few seconds after, Artemis, sitting on a chair appeared.

The End

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