Blissfulness Before the Storm

Artemis stared at Sunny who was patiently placing all the food on their table and then at Sooyoung who was playing the violin.

Rhia just smiled when Artemis looked at her.

“I asked the both of them for help in preparing all of these. Sooyoung volunteered to play the violin while Sunny agreed to serve us for today.”

Rhia grinned at Sunny who just gave her thumbs up.  She then mouthed a “thank you” to Sooyoung who just nodded at her.

“Wow…” Artemis smiled at the two who also happily smiled back at her.

“They are such great friends, aren’t they?” Rhia said after Sunny was finished laying out the food on the table.

“Don’t mind us. Just enjoy your night.” Sunny gave them a sweet smile before leaving.

“Let’s eat now Artemis?”

Artemis just nodded, smiling, as Rhia started putting some food on her plate.


“Thank you so much for your help.”

Rhia and Artemis were now beside the Honda motorcycle. Rhia was thanking Sooyoung and Sunny for their help.

“No problem Rhia. But you owe us.” Sooyoung encircled her hand on Sunny’s waist.

“Yah yah. I already booked the cruise you asked for the two of you. You are such a mushy hubby.”

“Really Sooyoungie?”

Sunny looked at Sooyoung who just blushed madly.

“Yah! Kwon Rhia!”

The three laughed at the blushing Sooyoung. Sunny then suddenly gave her a peck on the cheek which just caused her to blush harder.

Laughter erupted as the three watched the shy Sooyoung, scratching her head.

“Yah! You two should go already! It’s getting late and I don’t think Mrs. Jung would like the fact that Artemis is still outside at this late hour.”

Rhia patted her friend’s shoulder before wearing her helmet and jumping on her motorcycle. She then helped Artemis sit behind her and hug her.

“Careful in driving Rhia.” Sunny gave Rhia a wink before waving.

Rhia just nodded before the engine roared and they zoomed out of the beach premises.


Rhia loves the feeling of Artemis’s body near her.

She feels comfortable and happy.

Just like now as they ride home in her motorcycle.

She feels like she’s floating and that she can do anything.

But tonight, something’s amiss. Something just feels so wrong.

It was the feeling that you get when something bad would happen.

The End

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